Marlene King says Emison has “a chance” in “Pretty Little Liars” Season 6B


Variety talked with out Pretty Little Liars creator Marlene King about  Season 6B and asked some of the questions we’re dying to know the answers to. Specifically, regarding none other than Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell).

On if Emily will have a love interest:

“A sprinkling of one. But Emily’s one of those characters who Alison was her first great love and then Maya, so she’s been trying to find her way. But I have hope for her, too.”

On if there’s a chance for an Emison reunion:

“There’s always a chance. They were the original love affair on the show in Emily’s part. I would just say this to the fans: don’t get frustrated and life is full of ups and downs and curves and bumps in the road, but I really do believe that by the time we get to the end of next season, most of our fans will be happy with where we go.”


On what Emily’s previously mentioned “dark secret” will be:

“She really has two secrets. One of the secrets informs the other. Over the course of the time jump, her father passes away unexpectedly and she will have a really difficult time dealing with that.”

But what of Paige McCullers? No mention at all, yet many fans of the show are hopeful for Paily in 2016, especially after the “Five Years Forward” special had Alison saying that, last she knew, Emily was still seeing Paige. Sadly, there’s no indication that Lindsey Shaw be returning on IMDB, nor from social media on set.

We’ll find out something soon (hopefully!) when PLL returns on January 12th to ABC Family under the network’s new name, Freeform).

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