Ali Liebert cast as White Canary’s love interest in “Legends of Tomorrow”


On Christmas Day, Entertainment Weekly (which is apparently run by Lesbian Santa these days) announced that Ali Liebert, who stole our hearts in Bomb Girls and Lost Girl (and was CRIMINALLY UNDERUSED in Strange Empire), has been cast as a love interest for White Canary (Caity Lotz) in the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow series.

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Having never seen companion show Arrow, here is what I have frantically gathered from the internet in the last several hours:

  1. Arrow is about a man with abs.
  2. Sara Lance (aka White Canary) was 100% the best part of that show, largely but not exclusively because she was bisexual and liked to put her face on Nyssa al Ghul’s face.
  3. But then they killed her.
  4. BUT THEN they heard the lamentations of our people, and they brought her back as an angsty, violent, reincarnated version of herself. Like Buffy.

In LoT, White Canary joins a motley crew of superheroes (featuring Victor Garber, off-brand Channing Tatum, and dear, sweet Rory from Doctor Who) in travelling through time to prevent the rise of a supervillain/fall in love/wear various comical outfits.

And that’s where our girl Ali comes in. According to the article, she plays a closeted nurse who is the picture of 1950s womanhood, except for she is a secret lesbian. So, are you thinking what I’m thinking? YOU ARE IF YOU’RE THINKING, “SO THIS IS LIKE CAROL BUT WITH POWERS AND TIME TRAVEL.”


Here’s a quote from executive producer Phil Klemmer: “After Sara was brought back from the dead on Arrow, she hasn’t been herself—she’s been consumed by a quest for bloodshed and incapable of  having romantic feelings for anyone. The strict social norms of the fifties makes this the last place Sara Lance would ever expect to find love with a young, closeted nurse, but that’s how love works—it finds you.”

Having read that quote, I don’t even know if I’m going to make it to the January 21st premiere, because I might just fucking die. Tortured protagonists, love against all odds, and Ali Liebert making us swoon for something other than her Instagram account? I am there.

Legends of Tomorrow premieres January 21st at 8pm on The CW. Catch up on Arrow and the pertinent fan fics in the meantime. Our Arrow recapper Valerie Anne will be recapping LoT, too!

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