“Work Out: New York” recap (1.3): No New Friends


This week’s recap of Work Out New York is going to be short because Holly was barely a part of this episode. It had me feeling like:

lly-4“Why am I here tho?”

Joe and Noah continue to bond and go on what they call a “bro date,” which is working out together.

must-bust“I must, I must, I must increase my bust.”

“Noah and I appreciate each other’s grind,” Joe says, and Noah returns the love: “You’re a surprising dude, homey.” Joe says he’s a “very perplexed person, that’s for sure.” “Complex,” Noah corrects him. They have yet to make out, but I’m waiting.

Courtney is still over Noah’s ego. They hash out their argument from last week, but continue to disagree because they are fighting about two different things. Courtney is mad Noah won’t do Lena’s photoshoot; Noah is mad Courtney would bring it up at his GQ party. Noah refuses to hear what other people think, even those who helped him to get where he is in his career and out of his parents’ basement. For some reason he’d rather listen to Joe, a perplexed person. 

Layla and Jay are doing OK this week, planning to open their own fitness fusion studio that has been described as all of the following: sexy high-tech boxing and cross-training with pilates and high intensity boot camp training.

love“No one does it like we do, bae!”

Lena is busy training for her modeling competiton where she’ll be posing in a tiny glittery bikini. Courtney has been her mentor for two years, but he’s distracted by his bum shoulder. He meets Holly on a park bench (as you do) to have a convo, where Holly reveals she’s not being very social. She doesn’t even want to go to dinner with friends if someone she doesn’t know is there. 

shoulder“I would rather hang out with sweaty women on stationary bicycles. You get it, right?”

“I’m more turned off to dating than I’ve ever been before,” Holly says, explainng that her life is in the gym. Right on cue, a Hollyite walks up to hug her and says hello.

hollyiteGirl on girl action

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