Fortune Feimster becomes a series regular on “The Mindy Project”


Colette Kimball is going to be for more in Season 4 of The Mindy Project. Fortune Feimster has been upped to a series regular on the Hulu series where she plays a lesbian nurse who works in Mindy’s office.

The out comic was recently a guest on our Hollywood Qcast podcast where she shared how she came to be a part of the show and hoped to return.

“When my show didn’t go…[Universal] sent Mindy [Kaling] my pilot and she really liked it,” Fortune said. “And from there they created a brother/sister character where my brother and I come into the office—he’s a doctor and I’m a nurse, and we’re from the south, and I’m a lesbian. I was like ‘Well, that’s a stretch!’ It was nice. You know, it’s nice when people write to your strengths. It definitely makes for better characters because you can give them—it’s not like I’m Meryl Streep so I’m not going to dig too deep.”

The Mindy Project will return with all new episodes in 2016. Fortune will also be appearing on the Just For Laughs comedy special airing January 18 on The CW.

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