Bridget McManus answers your questions on “Maybelle” and more


Q: I subscribed to Tello just to watch you. I love Maybelle! The song “Hummingbird” is fantastic and I would like to know if it’s available for purchase and when the next episode is and how long it took you to master that southern voice? Thanks! 

BM: Yes, you can purchase my wife’s song “Hummingbird” via her Bandcamp music page.

Episode 2 will be posted this Sunday, December 20 at 11am PST on and new episodes of Maybelle will be released every Sunday through January 17, 2016.

As far as my accent goes I’m still working on my southern accent to this day. Mastering accents is much harder than you may think, but I definitely have my Bostonian accent down. Go PATS!


Q: What was Queen Latifah like?

BM: Dana is lovely in every way, well, except for the fact that she’s a New York Giants fan. She gave me so many opportunities to grow creatively, not only on her talk show but also by casting me in a movie she produced called November Rule.

She’s a generous performer, absolutely hilarious and one of the warmest people you’ll ever meet. At the wrap party for The Queen Latifah Show, she walked up to my wife, handed her a bottle of tequila and said, “Drink up!” If that’s not a dream boss I don’t know who is.


Q: Which do you like to do more, acting, writing or standup, and why?

BM: I really love them all. Acting is a great way to escape and play, and stand-up is a fantastic way to connect with a live audience, which I absolutely adore. But lately, I’ve been focusing most of my time writing scripts with strong female characters. It’s more empowering to create my own projects rather then complain that my community and I are not represented on screen.


Q: Where do you find your inspiration for comedy?

BM: Everything comes from my family and my oddball brain parts. I have a large east coast Italian family with a lot of strong personalities and they definitely contribute to my view of the world. I’m just a big weirdo that thinks and says some really random things. Sometimes after I say something my wife will turn to me and say, “Do you ever shock yourself with what comes out of your mouth?” Yes. Yes, I do.


Q: When can we expect to see Victoria Cartagena in the Maybelle movie?

BM: I am writing a special part for Victoria in the feature version of Maybelle, which is scheduled to shoot in 2016. I already reached out to Victoria and she’s on board to do the film, but I haven’t told her about the love scenes yet…


Q: How do you come up with all of your amazing ideas? They’re always so original.

BM: When I’m creating projects I just think about what I would like to see, what makes me laugh, what interests me. Usually, it involves women and lesbians and my pets and lesbians.


Q: Which character in OITNB best describes Yoko the cat? 

BM: Crazy Eyes, obviously.

Yoko and Crazy Eyes


Q: What is your favorite farm animal and why?

BM: I am obsessed with pigs and I desperately want one as a pet. My wife says we have to wait until we get a large yard so Bridget Jr. can run around in it. Scientists believe pigs are smarter than three-year-old children and since I’m never having kids, Bridget Jr. will have to take care of me in my old age. I hope her hooves will be able to adjust my adult diapers.


Q: Will Gretchen Wieners get CandyGrams this year?

BM: To quote Lucille Bluth, “I don’t understand the question and I won’t respond to it.”


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