“Jane the Virgin” recap (2.8): CALM


Previously on Jane the Virgin, Jane’s family went to TARGET! Also, Jane found out that Rafael had been lying to her and actually paid off a guy to turn Michael in. Michael (who wasn’t fired after all) was working undercover to find Sin Rostro and discovered Mutter along the way. Luisa spilled her guts to Jane’s grad school friend about her family, and he, in turn, wrote an exposé about the Solanos. Petra’s mom killed Ivan, and Petra, preggers with twins, helped her bury him. Rogelio went broke after Los Hombres Locos went down the tubes and Abuela applied for a green card.

But the big story is that Luisa took a peek into her mother’s coffin and realized that her mother wasn’t dead. Yay? Luisa’s mother is Mutter, y’all.

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This week, we learn that our sweet-natured Jane has a wicked temper, something she keeps under wraps by using a trick Abuela taught her: C.A.L.M. (For Jane it was Cheese, Abuela, Lists and Michael (then changed to Mateo.) Mine is Cats, Alcohol, Lesbian characters and Marshmallows. (Don’t judge.)

Jane is beyond furious at Rafael and her anger is seeping into other aspects of her life. I mean, she yelled at Santa for chrissakes.

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Jane also finds out that her scholarship wasn’t a scholarship after all. Rogelio was footing the bill for grad school, but he only paid for one semester before he went broke. Now Jane needs to find out how the hell to pay for school. At the suggestion of her advisor, Jane decides to enter a writing contest with his guidance.

Rogelio may be broke, but he does have an intern helping find his next “passion project.” The thing is, Rogelio is missing his buddy Michael something awful, and cons the poor guy into joining him to stalk his former bestie. Michael, who misses the bromance too, tells Rogelio that it’s just better if they have some space. This relationship is one of my favorites on the show, mainly because Rogelio feels such tenderness for Michael and is genuinely heartbroken that they can’t be friends.

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