What happened to Constance Heck on “Fargo”?


In October, we told you about Fargo‘s character Constance Heck, Peggy Blumquist’s boss at the hair salon who had taken quite a shine to her. While only appearing in a few episodes, Constance (played by Elizabeth Marvel) popped up to remind Peggy (Kirsten Dunst) that she should not have to let her life be dictated by a man (namely her husband, Ed). It was clear that Constance had a crush on Peggy, and she was not worried about coming off as creepy when she invited herself in after giving her a ride home one night after work.


Peggy is somewhat oblivious to Constance’s advances. She’s too distracted by the fact that Ed murdered town baddie Rye Gerhardt and they are currently evading both the cops and the Gerhardt family hitman Hanzee. Meanwhile, Constance poses another problem: The night she invited herself into Peggy’s house, she saw the car Ed hit Rye with. So when a cop comes by the salon and starts hearing a theory about a hit and run and that he should start looking for the vehicle involved, Peggy quickly dismisses it and sells the car to a mechanic to quell her fears for the time being.


Constance and Peggy signed up for a self-actualization seminar in nearby Sioux Falls and spent a few hundred bucks a piece on registration. Peggy really wants to go but gets caught up in even more crime to keep herself out of prison or the grave. She holes up in a cabin with Ed and calls to apologize to Constance. Constance is not alone in her hotel room, however. Hanzee has gotten to her.


Hanzee listens in as Constance tries to find out where Peggy is staying. Peggy is none-the-wiser, asking about the seminar and interested in the workbook Constance offers to drop off if Peggy is staying nearby. Peggy says she’s in a cabin but doesn’t give an exact address, hanging up before offering any further details. A pan of the hotel room shows there are roses and a bucket of champagne on the table, with Constance having planned a full-on romantic evening for the two of them, despite Peggy’s never seeming interested and being married to Ed.

The next episode, we find out Hanzee strangled Constance and now she’s dead. Another dead lesbian on TV! Oh, Constance. We barely knew you. But you were written by men to be a predatory boss of a young married straight woman and essentially a plot device, so same old song and dance, basically. Constance was essentially killed for her connection to Peggy, a kind of punishment straight out of ’50s pulp novels.


The season finale of Fargo airs tonight on FX. We won’t be surprised if Peggy isn’t too upset about losing her friend. 


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