“Work Out New York” recap (1.2): Broken Gaydar


This week on Work Out New York, archetypes continue to play out in predictable ways. 

First, Lindsey (who just got her boot off and is back to working out/walking) tells Layla she was being a little too harsh on Joe the other night, asking him how he is able to afford all of his high fashions. Layla, of course, doesn’t really care that she was abrasive, all while forcing her client to do push-ups.

lindsey-be-nice“You should really lay off a little, Layla.”

laylas-workout-planLayla’s hands-on workout plan

Joe isn’t really fazed, though. He’s getting a pedicure with a friend, who wants to know what the other trainers think of him. “The fact that they’re thinking about me means I did my job,” Joe says. “There’s no such thing as bad PR. Haters gonna hate and Joe Lazo is Joe Lazo.” And I’m like, “Who the fuck is Joe Lazo?” Joe (Lazo?) admits he is polarizing and he is proud of it. Which begs the question why this girl is even his friend. He’s probably paying for the pedi.

joe“I mean, I’m just so ME, you know?!”

At Holly’s spin class (“a spiritual experience,” Courtney says) we meet Audrey, a photographer Holly is interested in.

audreyNever mind me, says the Hollyite blocking the camera.

In true lesbian form, Holly is not above fibbing to spend time with Audrey.

“She’s the kind of girl that makes me wish I had a photoshoot every day,” Holly says. “It’s been a while since I’ve asked someone on a date. If that means pretending I need photos for my website, so be it!”

dressed-gaySnapback, check. Denim jacket, check. 

Holly tells the receptionist that she was surprised and happy to see Audrey in her class, telling her she “said hi.” Sadly, it’s never the ones you want to greet you with a kiss that do. 

CVp045FWcAA8tV8CVp0443WUAQ0SzoFlashback to last week

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