“Transparent” recap (2.2): Flicky-Flicky Thump-Thump


Transparent just released its entire Season 2 on Amazon Prime and you’re here because you’ve resisted the temptation to binge (so far), or because your girlfriend is still at work and you were only allowed a free pass to watch “just one more.” (ICYMI, we recapped episode one of Season 2 when it was released last week.)

Transparent is beyond a watching experience. It’s something to linger in. It’s a series that invites you to talk about the scenes—and to talk about how the scenes made you feel. By the end of Episode 2, the new season pivots into the most impressive kick-ball-change. Watching Maura dance with herself against the mirrored nightclub wall to Sia’s “Chandelier” is a vivid, energetic moment for the Transparent books. Imagine watching this scene decades from now. Chills.

Show creator Jill Soloway mentioned in a Variety interview this past summer the satisfaction in standing behind everything a scene brings to the table—her creative vision forming the direction of the series. “This is it. I love everything about this scene, I love the song…I stand for all of it,” she said. It’s easy to see how we can follow that cue leading into Season 2.

In the land of the Pfeffermans, post-wedding consequences are realer than real. Sarah’s losing the kids to Len, who asserts the kids probably have PTSD after the not-so-little lesbian wedding that couldn’t. Sarah’s clearly in some kind of state, but what she really needs is some Jedi Kush.

And someone who seems to be on a perma-high is mom Shelly. She’s a bowl of cherries with Maura’s storage pod taking up residency outside of her condo, even though the condo board is apparently pissed about it. Maura doesn’t want to create any fusses right now. She was apparently kicked out (along with the rest of the queers) from her apartment complex, so, for now, she’s Shelly’s latest roommate. Shelly tries to soothe Maura’s worries over the ladies on the condo board with a smooch on the lips (AGAIN). Shelly: Coming in hot.


Ali decides to pay a visit to Syd. It’s about time. Syd immediately lays into Ali about her hairstyle—calling it “Punk House on the Prairie.” Ali’s like, “Are you done making fun of me?” Syd shoots back: “Never.” Basically, she’s also saying she’s never been done with Ali, who sort of catches their old-time banter is still playful and full of chemistry as per usual. They sip at their kombucha, peeking at one another to see if all of this is OK. (It so is.) Syd invites her over later to play Mafia and hang out. WILL SHE GO?

Well, first there’s a super hip pool party to be at—and it’s all going down at the former Pfefferman house. Now it’s just a remodeled graveyard laid to rest at the hands of a certain Tammy Cashman. And Tammy’s decorating style is MTV Real World.

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