“Arrow” recap (4.09): Girl Power


Previously on Arrow, Oliver almost proposed to Felicity but didn’t because they got called back to Star City, ran for mayor, spoke out against Darhk publicly, and showed us a future in which he mourned over a grave.

We open with Unopposed Mayoral Candidate Oliver Queen leading a team of volunteers to clean up the bay, as promised. While the grown-ups pick up trash, Felicity teaches the children science, impressing Laurel with the way she inspires the children.

Arrow 409-1“Together, children, we can dismantle the patriarchy.”

But the smiling doesn’t last long because a drone swoops in and starts firing. Everyone takes cover while Felicity hacks into the drone and takes it down.

Back at Arrow HQ, Oliver wonders aloud why Darhk cares so much about that bay. He’s extra mad because it was his fault that people were gathered there, that CHILDREN were there. He tells Diggle to give interrogating his brother another go, and even though Diggle doesn’t think it will work, he does.

Diggle starts by showing his brother pictures of the family he left behind, but Andy doesn’t react. Diggle continues to interrogate him, reminding him (and us) that the neuroblockers are out of his system so he’s free to speak, but Andy is stubborn and unhelpful.

Felicity heads home to the Loft and finds Mama Smoak, decked in blue and humming Hanukkah songs as she prepares Jewish decorations for Oliver’s holiday party.

Arrow 409-2“This is my Holiday Armadillo impression.”

Felicity starts to head upstairs to shower while her mother continues to putter around when a bloodcurdling scream stops her. But don’t worry, Mama Smoak didn’t find a head or anything, just an engagement ring. And for reasons I will never understand, she shows Felicity. They squeal together, excited at the promise of an impending proposal.

When they regroup, they decide that because they’re outnumbered, they’re going to rally the people. Oliver talks to reporters and reveals Damien Darhk as the leader of the Ghosts, and even shows a picture of him. He says Darhk’s Ghosts are part of HIVE and that together, Star City can stop them. He even sets up a hotline so they can help.

Needless to say, Darhk. is. PISSED. (There’s no other reason someone would break a TV.)

Laurel is sent off to man the hotline while Thea, Felicity and Diggle convince Oliver not to cancel his holiday party. They say the best way to show Star City they have everything under control is to pretend everything’s normal. Their adorableness and excellent points win him over because he’s New Oliver and he agrees to have the party as long as they have extra security.

After everyone else leaves, Oliver squats down next to Felicity’s chair to ask her a question and she gets nervous, thinking he’s about to propose.

Arrow 409-3“Is the diamond also a wifi hotspot by any chance?”

But he just wants her assurance that they did the right thing, outing Darhk as the big bad. Felicity says they did, and they’ll be ready for the inevitable retaliation.

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