“Work Out New York” recap (1.1): Meet the Holly-ites


Welcome to Work Out New York, where the trainers are brands and identities with matching egos. The reason we are all here is Holly Rilinger, who is referred to as the best, awesomest trainer in New York by several of her peers in the show’s premiere episode. An out lesbian, Holly woos the women of NYC into her spin classes at FlyWheel and is also a personal trainer. She’s single, too, because she has no time to date anyone, especially a straight New York housewife. (Although, this is Bravo, so….)


Also on the show is Layla, who loves to wear underwear as pants.

“I know guys check me out; I know girls check me out. So I definitely need someone who is confidence and secure enough to deal with all of that,” Layla says. Layla is in love with herself, and possibly her boyfriend, Jay. They’ve been together for four months and Layla who is “definitely known for her sexuality” (self-professed) is incensed her boyfriend is upset that they aren’t seeing each other more than one a day on this particular day. (He might be a lesbian.)

layla“You love me.”

Elsewhere in NYC, we meet Holly’s protege, Noah, who calls her “the wizard behind the curtain.” No one has anything bad to say about Holly. She’s the real deal.

Later, Holly meets up with some of the other trainers at a gym in Hell’s Kitchen, and I’m wondering if this is anywhere near where Trish first learned Krav Maga. (Jessica Jones joke, anyone?) We meet Courtney, a gay male trainer who has known Holly for more than 12 years. Courtney says Holly is so good at her job, she has “no time to get any kind of va-jay-jay.” 

courtney“That va-jay don’t get no play. The spin seat doesn’t count.”

Holly said she’s the complete opposite of a drill sergeant in her training. “I preach joy,” she says, encouraging her client with things like, “You can do it, girl.” Meanwhile, Layla is sitting on top of her male client, screaming at him.

fun-mom“I like to match my client so she feels like we’re one.”

why-would-anyone-pay-for-thisIs this a sex thing?

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