“Arrow” recap (4.8): Legends of Flarrow


Hello, and welcome to the mashup crossover extravaganza the Arrow writers on Twitter hilariously dubbed Legends of Flarrow and I promptly adopted. This two-night event was technically an Arrow/The Flash crossover, but it also served as an early backdoor pilot for Legends of Tomorrow, which begins in late January. The episodes were even called “Legends of Today” (The Flash) and “Legends of Yesterday” (Arrow) in case you were unclear on this point.

So this is a mashup recap, and I’ll try to only focus on the important points, mostly focusing on our Arrow characters, since that’s why you’re here. However, Sara and Nyssa were nowhere to be found (presumably making up for lost time in Nanda Parbat if you know what I mean), so it will not be super extensive or too feeling-ful. We do have a new badass chick to meet though, so it’s definitely worth sticking around.

Also, if you like knowing what’s going on across the universe, and since Sara will be zipadeedoodahing over to Legends of Tomorrow come January, maybe I’ll start doing mashcaps every week, covering The Flash, Arrow AND Legends. Or maybe my recaps will be all LoT and only check in on Arrow if/when Nyssa returns? We’ll fly over that bridge when we come to it, but feel free to drop your preference in the comments section.

Okay, let’s get going then. We begin in Central City.

To catch you up a little, the lovable goof Cisco has found himself a lady friend who works at the local coffee shop. He’s on a date with this girl, Kendra, when a slick and slimy bad guy shows up to try to kill her. Cisco presses the emergency lightning bolt on his phone and The Flash zips in to save her just in time, but Barry decides the need Team Arrow’s help if they have any chance of keeping Kendra safe.  

Meanwhile in Star City, Damien Darhk and some of his Ghosts are checking out a chemical bomb when our favorite archers show up. Green Arrow, Speedy and the Black Canary shoot arrows in the baddies’ general direction and Darhk laughs at their puny weapons…until all of his Ghosts’ weapons fly in the direction of the magnetic arrows the Team had just shot behind them.

Felicity is back at HQ patting herself on the pack for her genius idea.

Flarrow 1Smartest in the land. Except when it comes to remembering her comm is on.

Darhk gets Oliver by the chest and is about to make his heart implode when Barry Flashes in to save him. Darhk doesn’t know how the heck that happened but he’s pretty amused.

Thea is a little starstruck—she didn’t know we knew the famous Flash. They take him, Cisco and Kendra to the new lair and Barry is pretty impressed by the upgrade. Felicity gives him a hard time for almost dying and not telling her, and they hug in happy reunion. Cisco is slightly less impressed by the remodeling because it is not up to code with the designs he sent, but he halts his rant enough to introduce Kendra, his female kissing companion.

Kendra is staring wide-eyed at Barry, Oliver, Laurel and Thea like she just met the Avengers but eventually remembers why she needed a team of above-average badasses in the first place. Barry helps out by quick-sketching the guy who attacked them, and Felicity runs it through her database and finds a guy who looks just like that…from 1975.

Oliver asks Kendra what brought her to Central City, hoping she’d say something like “Well, I’m in witness protection for seeing a high-profile murder,” but, alas, she can only say she was drawn to it and has never seen this man before in her life.

Flarrow 2“And I’m finding you a little brash for my taste.”

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