Michaela Watkins on her tryst with Eliza Coupe in “Casual”


Hulu’s original series Casual stars Michaela Watkins as a newly divorced woman, Valerie Meyers, with a teenage daughter who moves in with her playboy brother, Alex, until she can figure out her next move. Valerie tries dating but doesn’t have much luck. Meanwhile, Alex is dating Emmy (Eliza Coupe), who is in an open relationship and all about loving (and making love) as much as possible. So when Valerie and Emmy drop E and let loose together at a wedding, they end up in bed together, and it’s not a secret from her brother for long.


We caught up with Michaela at the Transparent Season 2 premiere screening in Los Angeles where she told us her thoughts on Valerie’s wild night.

You can watch Casual on Hulu now. Transparent Season 2 will premiere in full on December 11 on Amazon.

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