“Lost Girl” recap (5.09): Look both ways before crossing the street


Previously on Lost Girl: The gods are in town. Kenzi left town. Hell is close to town. And, oh boy, are Bo and Lauren finally going to town on each other–if you know what I mean.

When last we saw Bo, the mightiest of the ancient Greek gods was banging on her door and begging her not to play with her box. But our Bo will have no one telling her what to do with her box, because, duh, she is living the life she chooses. And no life a succubus would choose would involve not playing with her box. So she turns the crank on her big ol’ box. The top flies open and she stares into what appears to be an infinite black hole. Yes, the show really did it–they gave Bo an endless box.


The black hole eventually fades away and then there’s nothing. Well, scientifically I guess that makes sense. Bo wonders aloud if daddy deadest is there, but there’s a knock at her door. It’s not her pops, but instead a The End is Nigh-er asking her to pray with him. See, this is why I never answer my front door. A Girl Scout with cookies is the only good news I want to hear.

Speaking of good news, that little shit Mark is bleeding out. I’m sorry–too cold? There are only eight episodes of Lost Girl left and I resent the hell out of any time or emotional investment spent on new and unwelcome characters. Fine, his condition is making Dyson and Lauren upset–and we can’t have that.


Just then someone emerges from the crowd. A man with salt and pepper hair, a well-tailored suit and some shades strides up saying he is a doctor. Because the show already tipped its hand we know this dude isn’t just a doctor, like he proclaims, but Papa Hades himself. But Lauren and Dyson don’t know this, because she never bothered telling them Julia Roberts’ big brother is her dad.

He offers to help, gets his kit from the car and then proceeds to begin on-the-spot surgery–I think. I don’t know, I was distracted by all the strawberry jelly. Man, in these final episodes they are sparing no expense when it comes to the fake blood budget.


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