Danica Patrick takes a shower for a Super Bowl commercial


Danica Patrick. In a shower. With a hot blonde.

Coming out of your fantasies to your television set this Super Bowl Sunday. Yes, really.

The fetching race car champ who has been smoking boys on the racetrack will be steaming up the shower with a girl in a GoDaddy.com commercial.

Yes, I know we’ve been critical of Danica Patrick’s appearances in some GoDaddy ads in the past, but the words “Danica Patrick. In a shower. With a hot blonde.” have spawned certain thoughts, such as “homina homina homina” and “OMFG! SHOW ME NOW!!!” that have completely eviscerated my ability to make any sort of critical commentary on the matter.

And so I won’t take up any more of your time. Let’s just cut to commercial break.


The premise of this ad is that, once you buy a domain name at GoDaddy.com, you can make anything happen online, including getting Danica Patrick and another woman to shower together on your computer screen.

Sure, it sounds creepy, and yes, the people orchestrating the shower scene is a group of three young men, which makes the premise sound even creepier, but as I said earlier, I’m on “critical commentary break” today.

OK, perhaps the final scene was only suggestive of girl on girl playtime in the shower, but according to GoDaddy’s site, a “Too Hot for TV Internet-Only” version is expected to be posted at GoDaddy’s site at kickoff.

I am guessing that the “internet only” version will continue where the television version left off, and we might get to see some more of Danica Patrick and “Ms. Schmidt” in the shower.

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