Bex Taylor-Klaus could be a queer final girl in MTV’s “Scream”


When we first met Bex Taylor-Klaus in AMC’s The Killing, she was playing a young homeless lesbian named Bullet who met an untimely end that broke viewers’ hearts. Now that Bex is on MTV’s series based on the bloody teen thriller Scream, we’re hoping she’ll stay alive to see the end of the season.


In the pilot, premiering tomorrow night on MTV, Bex is Audrey Jensen, a questioning high school student who is caught making out with another girl. A video of the passionate session goes viral, and the whole school is buzzing about her bisexuality—until one of the most popular girls in school is found dead, floating in her own pool. Much like in the original film, Audrey’s peers are just as fascinated by the murder as they are horrified, and they have a “vigil” (aka a party) where it appears no one is safe, and anyone could be the killer.

Audrey is a major part of Scream, an aspiring filmmaker who enjoys capturing moments on camera. (The irony!) But she’s also trying to figure out her sexuality, her relationship with love interest Rachel and her friendship with ex-BFF Emma—all while trying to stay alive. We spoke with Bex about her new role and if we can hope she comes out as a final girl. How did you get the chance to read for the role? What did you know going in?

Bex Taylor-Klaus: Well our fabulous casting directors Eric Souliere and Sarah Issacson gave me a shot and sent the audition material to my agents! I got the character breakdowns and the logline for the series, so I knew thadt Audrey was a “more arrested-looking than pretty,” artsy loner, bi-curious daughter of a pastor. I also knew that she and Noah are best friends and that a viral video at the opening of the pilot is bad news for Audrey, but I didn’t know what the video was. I did not, however, realize that the “Scream” title meant we were going to be connected to the original film franchise! That took me a little while


AE: You have played a lot of LGBT characters—how is this one different for you?

BTK: I’ve had the opportunity to play lesbian and gender-queer in the past, and those characters have been secure in who they were. Audrey is still finding her way, figuring out who she is and who she loves. It’s great being able to dive into that. I want questioning or bi curious kids to also see good representation in the media and know that it’s perfectly okay to not be sure who or what you are yet. It’s okay to be working it out.


AE: How would you describe Audrey?

BTK: Audrey is too much to be boiled down to one word or phrase. She’s still figuring herself out, which definitely lends to her slight air of mystery.

AE: Audrey is outed in the pilot but says she’s not a lesbian. How do you see her identifying?

BTK: At this point in her life, I think Audrey is still confidently questioning. She has happened to fall hard for another girl, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only option for her forever. I think Audrey could definitely end up being bisexual or even lesbian, but for now she’s not ready for a label. And there’s nothing wrong with that.


AE: There’s a terrible history of queer women characters dying on TV, and you are on a show where death is part of the job! Were you worried about being killed in every script you received? Can you give us any hope Audrey will survive the entire season?

BTK: Oh man every single one of us on this show is nervous about the whole death thing! The rules have changed after all. Firstly, I think that if Audrey does end up dying, it won’t be because of her sexuality, just an unfortunate coincidence. I think Audrey will survive though, mostly because she’s so involved in so much that we still need to uncover! We’ll have to wait and see!


AE: Is Audrey’s relationship with Emma strictly friendly or is there a history there?

BTK: Audrey and Emma were best friends through childhood, but at the start of the show the girls haven’t spoken in something close to a year. Sometimes with that much history, feelings can develop. But not in this case. I don’t think Audrey ever did or ever will feel that way toward Emma. They have serious history, but not romantic.

AE: What can you tell us about Audrey’s relationship with her current love interest? Will there be a lot more there or will Audrey remain single?

BTK: Audrey’s got a not-so-secret girlfriend! Rachel Murray, played by the incredible Sosie Bacon, is a girl from Lakewood’s Catholic school and an aspiring filmmaker like Audrey. They had a secret relationship till a video of the two of them went viral and both girls were subsequently outed. I don’t want to give away too much but Audrey’s gonna have a lot to deal with pretty soon and it’s not exactly rainbows and sunshine … 

Scream premieres on June 30 at 10pm.

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