Sarah Shahi to show her face again on “The L Word”


After yesterday’s revelation that Jenny’s killer on The L Word will remain unidentified, many of us were about to go Gloria Gaynor on Ilene Chaiken and kick her to the curb. After all, there is only so much a girl can take.

So what will it take to get us to rip up those divorce papers and take Ilene back? What if she gave Kit some meaningful lines, for example? Or if she got Max to shave? Or if she brought back lesbian Turkish oil wrestling and put Helena and Dylan in the ring? No?

OK, what about this?

Or this?

Or, dare I include — this?

Would you forgive Ilene Chaiken if she brought Carmen back to The L Word? If so, you better lower your weapons and hold your fire, because it has been confirmed that Carmen will make an appearance in the final episode:

Sarah Shahi has a new TV show on NBC, as many of her fans already know. She does make an appearance, but we’re not doing a big Carmen story. I don’t want to mislead anybody, but I am delighted to say that Sarah does appear in our final episode.

Carmen may only be waltzing in for a brief cameo, but judging from the comments in the forum, it seems that even an itty-bitty-teeny-weeny-itsy-bitsy slice of Carmen is just peachy. And who knows — since it is clear that Shane cannot end up happily ever after with a corpse, perhaps there is at least a fighting chance that the following fairy tale can come true:

Anyone care to guess why Carmen might be showing up just in time to see Jenny meet her death?

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