Larry King predicts a lesbian president in his future


Last night, Larry King — you remember him, right? Old guy; suspenders; has a news show opposite your TV girlfriend — told Bob Woodard that, thanks to Barack Obama, his 8-year-old son wants to be black.

“Black is in!” trumpeted King.

Even earlier in the week, reeling off Obama’s 87-percent popularity rating, King said in a radio interview: “Who’d have thunk it? I can’t believe it. I mean, in 10 years, we’ll have a what, a lesbian president?”

(Ruh roh, Bill O’Reilly: Your nightmare is almost realized.)

Seriously, though, it’s a logical leap. First the American people go bonkers and elect a black dude to the White House. Next thing you know it’ll be queers, and then what? Circus people, vampires, reality television contestants? Where will this ride stop?

Larry King is a seasoned journalist, but his show is getting loopier by the day. It’s well known that he doesn’t prepare for his on-air chats with celebrities or politicians, preferring the more off-the-cuff, tea-time-chatter method of interviewing. He’s almost completely lost the young demographic to The Rachel Maddow Show, partially because she’s so dialed into the current paradigm of social networking, and partially because while Larry King is out trying on suspenders, Maddow is in her office poring over policy papers.

Rachel Maddow may have her finger on the pulse of the kids these days, but it’s impossible to discount King’s weathered understanding of the world. I’ve run his ideas through my Presidential Predictor — “black is in” “lesbian is the new black” — and based on my calculations, our next president will be…

Wanda Sykes!

Congratulations, America. You really are evolving.

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