Mariel Hemingway to guest star on “Eleventh Hour”


Mariel Hemingway has just been cast as a guest star on the CBS Drama Eleventh Hour. She will play “a woman whose children get taken hostage by a terrorist.” Sounds like a fun role!

The actress has had a long career, and it’s probably safe to say that most of her fans are of the Sapphic variety. Who else could fully appreciate Personal Best? She’s also played a lesbian several other times (Roseanne, Crossing Jordan, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell), so basically, she’s the definition of an “honorary lesbian.”

Besides acting, Hemingway has been an advocate for green living, and she penned the book Healthy Living from the Inside Out last year. She’s also working on a cookbook called Mariel’s Kitchen Cookbook that’s slated to be published this year.

Do you keep up with Mariel Hemingway’s career? Do you think she deserves the “HL” title?

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