“Sugar Rush” comes to the States


Those of you familiar with the award-winning British series Sugar Rush will be glad to know that that here! TV will begin airing season one on Feb. 6. Those of you unfamiliar with Sugar Rush (those of you, for example, who understand lesbian teenage drama within the hand-holding confines of South of Nowhere) better hang on to your baseball caps.

Where Ashley and Specer’s shenanigans generally included hair-braiding, Scrabble night and sometimes having caffeine after 9:00, Kim and Sugar are into more legitimate adolescent hijinks, like making out in public and sharing bubble baths and plotting escapes to Paris.

The show begins with Kim, who moves from London to Brighton with her family and develops one of those exhausting crushes on her best friend that only happen between the ages of 15 and 75. The first season deals with alcohol abuse, STDs, coming out, getting clean, and the the all-consuming power of teenage lust.

In other words, this ain’t your mama’s Saved By the Bell.

Don’t get all sassy in the comments, now. I love Spencer and Ashley as much as the next person who had to grow up watching Kelly and Zack. Sugar Rush is just a little more, well, explicit.

Do you have any interest in watching or re-watching the critically-acclaimed teenage drama?

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