A young Lily van der Woodsen to be the focus of “Gossip Girl” spin-off


Gossip Girl spin-off rumors were all over the place in early December, with most of the buzz focusing on the possibility of an early years Lily and Rufus show. I was sure this was just one idea and the creators would go back to the drawing board. Not a whole lot of people watch the show just to follow Lily (Kelly Rutherford) and Rufus (Matthew Settle) as 40-somethings, so who would care about them as teens?

Well, we’re about to find out, because the rumors were true. It was just announced that the spin-off pilot will air in place of a Gossip Girl episode (the nerve!) on May 11. Apparently the plot is that young Lily has had a falling out with her parents and goes to live with her also outcasted sister in L.A.

We’ll see her suffer through public school (OMG!), dealing with ’80s valley girls (like, totally!), and, if this horrible idea is actually picked up to continue as a series, we’ll no doubt see young, scruffy Rufus (TL 4-EV-R!). Otherwise, what would be the point?

It took until just about now for Lily and Rufus to be remotely interesting without being completely predictable, so it’s hard to imagine the younger versions of them being much more intriguing. Especially when we already know how they end up. Besides, “you’re nobody until you’re talked about.” Blogs didn’t even exist in the ’80s! No one will be gossiping about them. I mean, I guess they could be old-school with letters to editors and gossip columns in — what are those called? — newspapers?

It’ll be interesting to see if this still-unnamed pilot will take off, but if it doesn’t work out, there are so many other options for a spin-off, including an HBO series on Chuck Bass which would include all the nudity, drugs and adult language he longs for, or perhaps something starring Eric, chronicling his relationship with Jonathan in sort of a young, innocent Queer as Folk. Think South of Nowhere, for dudes.

Let’s hope the new show will be just as scandalous as its original, even though we know how it turns out for Lily in the end.

Who do you think they will cast to play the young Lily and Rufus? Kristen Bell surely could continue her voice-over work from L.A.

Just a thought.

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