Melissa George leaves “Grey’s Anatomy”


Breaking News: Actress leaves Grey’s Anatomy, amicable feelings abound.

Yep, Melissa George has confirmed that she is hanging up her scrubs and parting ways with Seattle Grace.

“It was my choice,” she told E!’s Michael Ausiello. “I love the show so much. I’ve made some beautiful friends. I love T.R. Knight. I love Patrick Dempsey, Justin Chambers … I adore Ellen Pompeo. I think she’s a strong, incredible woman. And Katherine Heigl is the most beautiful creature on Earth.”

That’s quite a different song than the noise of discontent we usually hear from the Grey’s set. Maybe it’s because her story only lasted eight weeks.

A Grey’s insider told Ausiello, “Melissa’s arc came to a natural end. Everyone at the show adores her. We’re genuinely sad to see her go.”

A natural end? Genuinely sad to see her go? You mean she’s not being banished to the Parking Lot of Post-Sexual Discovery, never to be seen or heard from or mentioned again? Gosh, that must be nice.

You probably remember that George’s character, Dr. Saddie Harris, was originally written to be bisexual, but aside from some ambiguous comments about her past with Meredith and some mild flirting with Callie, nothing ever came of it.

George admits that even by Seattle Grace’s warped measuring stick, Sadie was dark and twisty, and that her addition to the cast after the unceremonious departure of Dr. Hahn kind of made her a doomed character.

“She was very difficult to root for,” George said.

It’s not just Sadie who’s hard to root for; Grey’s Anatomy on the whole is a shell of its former self. When ABC brings in Private Practice to boost your ratings, you’ve got a serious problem.

A passenger from the Titanic celebrates after a successful leap from the ship. Er, I mean, Melissa George makes merry at the Golden Globes

Usually I would ask how you feel about George leaving Grey’s or if you’re excited that Jessica Capshaw has been cast as a love interest for Callie, but really the only question I have is this: Is anybody actually still watching this show?

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