Watch “The United States of Tara” on the big screen with free snacks


If you’re ready to get yourself tangled up in a Showtime’s multiple personality drama, The United States of Tara, Pop Candy has good news for you: Landmark Theaters is showing the first two episodes of Tara at 25 theaters across the country on Jan. 13.

Here’s a list of theater screening locations. Seating is first-come, first-serve, and there will be free drinks and snacks!

If you’d rather watch from home, you can take a page from The Linster’s book and register as a Showtime VIP to watch the first episode now.

I have an inordinate love of movie theaters, especially on opening nights, especially at midnight. It’s people like me who love the crackle of collective excitement and also shouting at the movie screen. If there was a place I could go to view Gossip Girl every week, I would totally do it. And probably The L Word too, just for support.

Will you make a special trip out to see Tara? What shows would you love to watch in a crowded theater?

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