“90210” returns and introduces Christina’s girlfriend


A few weeks ago, we found out that cheerleader Christina on 90210 (played by Lauren London) was going to be getting a girlfriend. We weren’t sure how soon to expect to see said GF on screen, but were graced with her brief presence on Tuesday night.

On the episode “Hello, Goodbye, Amen,” Dixon finds out that Christina’s dad is a record label exec that knows all of the big shots in the music industry. He hosts gospel BBQs at his mansion in Beverly Hills, and Christina invites him to come. His girlfriend, Silver, isn’t too hot on the cheerleader talking to her man, so Dixon fails to invite her along.

Once Dixon arrives at the BBQ and meets Christina’s father (and hears a lot of namedropping in the form of Kobe Bryant and Dr. Dre), he feels guilty for having fun and reminds Christina he has a girlfriend.

Christina’s response: “I know — so do I.”

Dixon apparently didn’t get the memo we did about Christina getting a girlfriend. She points out the “cute little soprano” who is singing and smiling on the stage with the gospel choir.

“I’ve dated guys too,” she said flippantly, and invites Dixon to come over anytime, Silver included. Dixon is a little confused, and probably has lost a little pride. He promptly calls Silver to regain some manhood.

So Christina’s girlfriend has a face, but there’s no word yet on if she’ll show it again. Still, it was great to see it as a non-issue. Spoilers for next week’s episode (titled “Love Me or Leave Me”) seem to indicate trouble in Dixon and Silver’s relationship, however, which leads me to think that Dixon could be attempting to move on the near future, and Christina might suddenly become available.

90210 fans, do you anticipate anymore screentime for Christina and her girlfriend?

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