Bianca and Reese are still living happily ever after


When we last left American TV’s only out lesbian couple, they were happy and in love. And, wonder of wonders, they still are.

Yes, All My Children actually seems to be letting Bianca and Reese have a fairly normal relationship — at least as normal as is possible for a soap opera.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

According to some spoilers, we may see the two get married on Feb. 14. That’s right — a lesbian wedding on Valentine’s Day on daytime TV. Still breathing?

Of course, the AMC writers are still toying with us. Reese, an architect, has become close to baby daddy Zach as she helps him rebuild his place, and the teasers imply that their relationship is something more than friendship. An awkward kiss on the cheek on New Year’s Eve has been played up for all that it’s worth — which isn’t much.

We also discovered that Reese had been engaged previously to a man, Simon, who just happened to show up on Bianca’s doorstep that very same New Year’s Eve. Does anyone else think Simon and Bianca kind of look alike? I hope he’s not another long-lost son of Erica’s.

But what Reese and Bianca are going through is, for the most part, what most couples experience in the course of a relationship. The insecurities about the past. The fear of getting hurt. The lack of support by family members. So far, though, the love between the two women is solid and true, something that they discover over and over when a new challenge arises. just published an interview with Eden Riegel and Tamara Braun, who play Bianca and Reese, in which they discuss their on-screen romance and off-screen friendship. We’re not the only ones who have noticed that the affection quotient has risen dramatically compared to Bianca’s past relationships.

Eden: It’s a demonstrative [love]. Having played Bianca for a long time, I will say this is the most demonstrative relationship she’s been in because Binks is in a committed romance for once. So, there’s no holding back in the physical realm. We’ve never been told to hold back. ABC is allowing us to trust our instincts.

Tamara: These characters are in love, and people in love show affection. Eden told me in the past each time she had to kiss someone in scene it was a big deal, which I wasn’t aware of … every time there was a kiss it was a big event.

Eden: It had to be scripted, and it had to be cleared. It was a different time.

Tamara: I was shocked. I don’t know if I could have played Reese back then with those restrictions.

Tamara also clarified the relationship between Zach and Reese, saying, “Zach fell in love with Bianca and Reese as a couple. To see Bianca so happy and in love, he naturally loves Reese as well.”

In other words, no cheating with the brother-in-law. Sigh of relief goes here.

The entire interview is fun; Tamara and Eden obviously have a good time together. I think my favorite moment comes in a discussion about Bianca’s ex, Maggie (Elizabeth Hendrickson). The interviewer asks who would win a lesbian smack down, Reese or Maggie?

ER: Don’t underestimate Maggie. She’s little, but she’s feisty. Once, I had a pillow fight with Elizabeth, and I was confident in my abilities that I would destroy her. Somehow, that little whippersnapper completely destroyed me!

TB: Um, you had a pillow fight before me?

I have to admit that, being a hardcore Lianca fan, I haven’t been fond of any of Bianca’s girlfriends since Lena left. But Reese is winning me over. I think these two gorgeous lesbians are gonna make it after all. Even on daytime TV.

What do you think of Bianca and Reese’s story so far? Are you hoping for a Valentine’s Day wedding? Can one of the Kane/Montgomery women actually live happily ever after?

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