New TV shows shine in 2009


Did you get bored watching reruns over the holidays? Well, put all that behind you; good things are coming. This week, in fact, is the start of Season 2 of Damages, which Ms. Snarker will tell you all about on Wednesday. I’ve already bought my popcorn and I expect Glen to melt the butter.

Then next week, on Jan. 16, Battlestar Galactica returns to wrap up its story. Who is the final Cylon? With this cast, who the frak cares?


January is just crazy with season premieres of returning shows. Tonight, Scrubs shows up at its brand new home, ABC, with Chief of Medicine Courtney Cox on hand to give it an energy shot.

Nip/Tuck, the FX show I can’t bear to watch, returns tonight, too. This season we get more Portia deRossi, plus guest turns from Sharon Gless, AnnaLynne McCord and Morgan Fairchild. With that lineup, maybe I’ll just fast-forward through the icky parts.

I’m also looking forward to some new shows this spring. I adore whoever thought of having premieres all year long.

The United States of Tara — Jan. 18, Showtime

OK, I cheated. I’ve already watched the first episode of Tara. (You can, too, if you register to be a Showtime VIP.) While Toni Collette is the perfect Tara and pulls off the multiple personality shifts believably, I just didn’t love the show. Part of the problem is Aiden John Corbett, who is way too, well, John Corbett-y. But the other actors are strong, especially Rosemarie DeWitt, who plays Tara’s sister. I loved her in Rachel Getting Married and am always happy to see her again.

The United States of Tara has enough going for it that I’ll watch a few more episodes before I give up on it. Here’s a preview of Toni’s talent.

Cupid — March 24, ABC

I’m more than ready for Sarah Paulson to be back on television on a weekly basis. This update of the original Cupid has the benefit of Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas behind the scenes, which gives it the potential to be more than just another romantic comedy. Besides, this version of Cupid has gay magic: lesbian Paulson and Will’s ex-boyfriend, Bobby Cannavale. I’m in.

Dollhouse — Feb. 13, FOX

Not surprisingly, most of the folks here at headquarters are pretty pumped about the premiere of Dollhouse. I mean, how could we not be? Eliza Dushku, Queen of the Tank Top, stars as Echo.

Dorothy Snarker already told us all about the concept and the cast, but I have to say one more time that I can’t wait. This show is pure Joss Whedon and I think it could be the Buffy-like series we’ve been wishing for since the Scoobies jumped to comic book land.

Entertainment Weekly unveiled a new promotional video for Dollhouse over the holidays. Check it out and just try not to be excited. Impossible.

Untitled Amy Poehler project — Spring, NBC

Sure, it’s an untitled show with an unknown premise premiering on an unknown date. But what we do know is enough for me: Amy Poehler. That means funny.

And we know some other things, too. Rashida Jones has been cast as Ann, a nurse whose boyfriend has a “strange injury” which leads her to Amy’s character, whoever she turns out to be. That means more funny.

We also know that Office producers Greg Daniels and Mike Schur are writing the show, which is funny times two. If my math holds, that adds up to very, very, very, very funny.

In a few more weeks, that new baby of Amy’s should be ready to take care of itself and filming will begin. Laughing could commence as soon as April.

To help you get your DVR set up early, TV Addict has created a nice calendar for you to download and print. They’ve promised to update it monthly. We’ll try to keep you updated, too.

What new shows are you looking forward to most in 2009? What returning shows are DVR worthy? What shows have you missed the most?

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