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Taking a page from our friends at, who have a weekly entertainment column called “Ask the Flying Monkey,” we’re introducing a weekly column to answer your entertainment-related questions.

Want to know the status of a particular movie, TV show, or band? Wondering what a certain actress is up to these days? Want to know if someone is openly gay? (We won’t out anyone, but we’ll let you know what they’ve said publicly.)

Send your questions to — with your first name, city and country — and Karman Kregloe and I will try to hunt down the answers for you (we’ll trade off writing this column each week). Not all questions will be answered, and it may take a few weeks to answer some of them, but we’ll try to get to as many as we can.

Note: this isn’t a personal advice column — please post your dating/coming-out questions in the advice section of our forum.

Question: Has [director] Angela Robinson announced plans to make a sequel to the movie D.E.B.S.?

Sarah, Olathe, Kansas

Amy (Sara Foster) and Lucy Diamond (Jordana Brewster) in D.E.B.S.

Answer: I sent your question to Angela this weekend, and here’s what she emailed back:

Plans for D.E.B.S. 2 are on the back burner for now due to lack of financing.

I outlined a sequel which continues the adventures of the D.E.B.S. — the D.E.B.S. Academy is attacked by Lucy Diamond’s former gang, led by her ex-girlfriend from Australia, and the D.E.B.S. need to go track down Lucy and Amy to help them fight this greater evil — and also a prequel — How Lucy Diamond came to be Lucy Diamond, her first romance, etc. If you or your readers happen to know any rich lesbians/D.E.B.S. fans who have a few million dollars sitting around that did not disappear in the financial meltdown, I’d be happy to make it.

I’ve been so inspired by the Buffy Season 8 comic books, I’m looking into doing the sequel as a comic.

So it looks like you’re more likely to see a D.E.B.S. sequel — or prequel — in a comic book store, before a theater.

Q: What’s the deal with the L Word spin-off? It was originally announced that it was going to run online, but now I’m hearing that’s it’s going to be on TV. Which is it?

Tanya, Cleveland, Ohio

A: The original plan was to debut the spin-off (starring Leisha Hailey and tentatively titled The Farm) on the internet, with the option to run it on TV if it was successful online.

But since that announcement, the strategy has changed. The Farm is now being produced as a pilot that Showtime will run on air as a TV movie, then decide whether to pick up and turn into a full series.

Although the majority of pilots ordered by a network don’t become series, The Farm would seem to have a leg-up on the competition due to its built-in fan base from The L Word.

Whether that fan base will transfer to such a radically different premise (women in prison) remains to be seen; how well the plot twist of the The L Word‘s final season goes over with fans may give us a hint.

For the latest casting news and rumors about The Farm, read this blog post.

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