Fans Hooked On Second Season of “Sugar Rush”


Olivia Hallinan as KimLenora Crichlow as Sugar

Sugar Rush‘s second series has built on the success from last summer, and its appeal is growing from its young, lesbian fan base to one of mainstream popularity. The show has also become a Channel 4 staple since its debut, with advertisements running frequently for the new late-night favorite.

Running on Thursdays after Channel 4’s smash hit Big Brother, which routinely garners over a quarter of the British viewership on any given night, each episode of Sugar Rush is watched on average by a million and a half households–not bad for a cult hit based on a much-criticized young adult novel.

The second series debuted on June 15th and offers the same rapid-fire plotlines and curt characterization that made the debut series stand out from the other sitcoms and dramas on late night television.

The plot picked up 18 months after the Season One finale. Sugar (Lenora Crichlow) was locked away in a Young Offender’s Institute, which had left Kim (Olivia Hallinan) available to test out her new freedoms.

While she was out admiring the local girl eye candy, Kim encountered Saint (Sarah-Jane Potts), who worked at a local girls-only sex shop. Kim immediately fancied her, and was thrilled when Saint invited Kim to a club called the CC, which she soon discovered was a lesbian bar. But the excitement of the night was short-lived when she spotted her “date” flirting with everyone in sight.

Resigning herself to loneliness, Kim retreated to the bar and met an older woman named Anna (Anna Wilson-Jones from Hex). She soon found herself in bed with her, though it turned out that Anna had a thing for young schoolgirls and spankings. Everything was going according to plan, until they were interrupted by Kim’s parents.

Still, Kim was proud of having followed Sugar’s advice to get out and live more, and she dutifully reported the night’s events to her friend, and then asked for help at landing her original crush, Saint.

Sugar dispensed her sage wisdom, but with a hint of jealousy. She instructed Kim to stop clinging to Saint (who wasn’t returning her calls) and instead tease her by hooking up with another girl.

Surprisingly, Kim was successful at landing Saint, the new girl of her dreams. Unfortunately for her social life, shortly thereafter Sugar was released from prison, and she also began demanding plenty of attention. Kim was caught in the middle, and she had to devote enough time to her old best friend when really all she wanted was to keep a constant watch over Saint, whose fidelity she didn’t trust.

Kim’s paranoia only got worse when Saint went away to a sex festival: for work, presumably, but Kim wasn’t so sure. Sugar, meanwhile, had disappeared, only to turn up on the arm of a local gangster named Dmitri (Thure Lindhardt). Feeling like she was dumped by Kim, Sugar only had mischief (and drugs) on her mind as she planned an entrepreneurial drug dealing scheme.

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