Karina Lombard’s Marina Returns to “The L Word”


Karina Lombard

Mia Kirshner and Karina Lombard in The L Word

Karina Lomard in The 4400

Actress Karina Lombard will appear once again as Marina in the fourth season of Showtime’s

popular lesbian drama The L Word, sources close to the show have confirmed to AfterEllen.com. TV Guide Online also reported Lombard’s return earlier this week.

In the first season of The L Word, Lombard played Marina Ferrer, the owner of The Planet and the woman with seduced Jenny Schecter (played by Mia Kirshner). Though a main character and a fan favorite, Marina was written out of the show at the end of the first season after her characted attempted suicide and was taken back to Italy by her family.

In a July 2005 interview with Playboy Magazine, Lombard speculated about why she had not been invited back for a second season of the hit show. “I became popular, and I guess that’s not good…And then suddenly with the rest of the cast it became all about politics, ego, and who’s the better flatterer, all stuff I can’t stand.”

But when asked in a June 2006 interview with The New York Daily News (to promote her new show, The 4400), if she might ever return to The L Word, Lombard cryptically replied, “Everything happens in Hollywood.”

Showtime has not yet formally announced the length of Lombard’s tenure for the fourth season or the nature of the plotline surrounding her return, but our sources have told us that she will return for two episodes. TV Guide reports that Lombard will appear in the premiere episode of the fourth season.

Joining Lombard and the regular cast on the fourth season of The L Word is Oscar winner Marlee Matlin, who will play a deaf lesbian romantically interested in Bette in an 11-episode arc, and Cybill Shepherd, playing a married mother and president of the college where Bette Porter (Jennifer Beals) attends graduate school who suddenly begins to question her sexuality.

Since The L Word, Lombard has appeared on the television shows Dr. Vegas (CBS) and The 4400 (USA Network). Dr. Vegas, starring Rob Lowe, was cancelled after only 5 episodes, but the sci-fi 4400 has become a cable hit. On it, Lombard plays Alana Mareva, one of 4400 missing persons who reappear on the same exact day, now possessing special powers.

Since her departure from The L Word, Lombard’s fans have continued to petition for her return. In The New York Daily News interview, Lombard praised those fans for their unwavering support. “I have to say fans of The L Word are unbelievably dedicated…I’m very, very flattered, they even have websites for me. And that’s why you know, if I was asked to go back, I would want to bring Marina back in a beautiful way.”

The fourth season of The L Word begins filming soon, and will air in early 2007.

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