Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (October 13, 2006)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Kristin ChenowethYou've got to hand it to Kristin Chenoweth: the Christian singer/actress (Wicked, The West Wing) puts her money where her mouth is. Or in this case, her mouth where her mouth is: "She has the best lips", Chenoweth said recently of Running with Scissors co-star Annette Bening, with whom she has a fling in the film. "She was my first female kiss", she said, and added teasingly, "And who knows if she‘ll be my last?"

This might be Chenoweth's first lesbian kiss, but it isn't her first time going to bat for our team: she's playing the lead in the untitled upcoming biopic about queer singer Dusty Springfield, and she served as the MC at the 2005 Power Up gala (which honors lesbians in entertainment).

Chenoweth has also been in the news lately because of reports that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip creator Aaron Sorkin based Sarah Paulson's Christian character Harriet on Chenoweth. "There's an argument me and Aaron had and it's pretty much verbatim [in the show]," Kristin recently confirmed to New York Dog magazine (yes, you read that right: New York Dog magazine). But, she noted, she definitely doesn't share Harriet's anti-gay rights stance. "I'm totally the opposite of that and that's hard because people will be thinking: Is that really Kristin? HarrietBut there's nothing you can do about that stuff. You just have to let it go. It's a little weird."

This is the first I've heard that Harriet doesn't support gay rights (this hasn't been indicated on-screen yet). It's a little disappointing–and ironic, considering who's playing her–but whatever. I still like the character, and the show. And in case you're wondering, Studio 60's ratings are okay so far–not great, but not terrible, either. Maybe God will pony up better ratings if Harriet gets over her problems with the gays? It's worth a try, Aaron!

The trailer for the upcoming Christopher Guest movie For Your Consideration is online now, and it includes out actress Jane Lynch as a news anchor (in a very funny wig), and Parker Posey playing an actress who plays a lesbian in the film Home for Purim. The film chronicles what happens when the movie-within-a-movie gets Oscar buzz, which probably mean Posey's character's character becomes a lesbian serial killer–all the cool Oscar movies are doing it.

"The '70s had The Hustle. The '80s, the Moonwalk. We have The Faux Lesbian Dance." – Veronica (Kristin Bell) as she is sandwiched by sorority girls on the dance floor, on Episode 3.2 ("My Big Fat Greek Rush Week") of Veronica Mars.

"It's a big feel-good lesbian comedy, isn't it?" – Late Late Show (CBS) host Craig Ferguson to guest Jennifer Beals after showing a clip of a somber Bette and Tina scene from The L Word.

Gore Vidal's new biography Point to Point Navigation reportedly asserts that First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt had a romantic interest in missing pilot Amelia Earhart that Earhart found disconcerting. "Amelia said that Eleanor was always suggesting they make flights together all around the country," Vidal elaborates, "just the two of them, communing with the wind and the stars." After Earhart famously disappeared during a flight, Eleanor supposedly conducted her own investigation and ultimately concluded the pilot had simply "lost her way".

Speaking of planes disappearing over the ocean, next week's episode of Lost (ABC) sees the debut of a new character, Colleen, who was formerly a security guard and has a gender-unspecified "significant other". Maybe her S.O. is Amelia Earhart, and we find out she's been hiding out from Eleanor by living among The Others all these years. Or maybe it's Elizabeth Mitchell, and I'm just indulging in wishful thinking.

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