“Last Tango in Halifax” Open Forum: Did SPOILER really die last night?

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to process/speculate wildly/gnash our teeth and yank our collective hair. On yesterday’s Last Tango in Halifax, Kate was in a devastating car accident, less that 24 hours after wedding Caroline, the love of her life. The episode ended with Caroline at the hospital, getting Some News from a doctor (we couldn’t quite hear what the news actually was) and sobbing uncontrollably. And in true cliffhanger fashion, the sadists at the BBC didn’t even give us a preview for next week to show if Kate is dead or merely comatose.
We do, however, have access to the official synopsis, which (depressingly) reads as follows:

“Caroline’s overwhelmed at the prospect of looking after baby Flora on her own until a stranger walks into her life who may be the answer to her prayers.”

This could all be a fake out. In American television, at least, cliffhangers usually resolve with the character miraculously pulling through. Then again, Sally Wainwright blew our trust last season when she had Kate impregnate herself via sex with an ex-boyfriend, despite the availability of the turkey baster option.

My Last Tango recap will go up tomorrow, but in the meantime I encourage you all to share your feelings and theories regarding this development.

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