“American Horror Story: Freak Show” recap (4.11): The One With The Lesbians


The good news: There is actual, honest-to-goodness lesbianism in this episode of American Horror Story.  The bad news: The lesbians die. However, since this is a show where virtually every character meets an untimely end and Season 2 gave us a lesbian as the final girl, I don’t think we need to take this particular double murder too much to heart. (After typing this sentence, I half expected an army of sociopathic puppets to rip me limb from limb.)

We begin right where we left off before Christmas, with Stanley conning Jimmy out of his hands. Actually, he promises to only chop off Jimmy’s left lobster claw to pay for his legal fees, but, predictably, this happens.


Jimmy, being a trusting soul, takes it on faith that Stanley will be back with Johnny Cochran any minute, but Del knows better. He knows Stanley well enough to know that the hands are in a museum and the money is safe in Stanley’s pocket. He mounts a search for the duplicitous impresario, but before he can find him, he gets alarming news: Jimmy is about to be transferred back to the prison where he will surely be killed without hands to defend himself. Del rushes to Jimmy’s aid and is joined by Amazon Eve, who nobly forgives Del’s attempted murder to save Jimmy. The rescue scene is pretty awesome, TBH. The cops are driving Jimmy down a pitch-black road when Eve appears like a terrifying vengeance goddess and thrown a brick through their window.


Less awesome is how Del then beats the cops’ skulls in with a crowbar, because there are definitely going to be some serious reprisals for that decision.

In spite of his propensity for violence, I appreciate getting to see several facets of Del’s character this week. We learn how much of his self-loathing he inherited from his father, and his genuine desire to do a better job with Jimmy. I like that we can explore that without it erasing or forgiving what a monster Del can be. But you know who isn’t so interested in the rich kaleidoscope of Del’s character? Esmeralda. She is more interested in telling everyone that Del killed Ma Petit. She show’s Elsa Ma Petit’s preserved body and Desiree gets him to confess to the whole thing. Elsa overhears his confession and extracts carnie justice: a bullet to the brain. 


So long, Del! I hope you find Matt Bomer in gay heaven!

OK but that was just the B story, and there were no lesbians.

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