Kath thinks her daughter is a lesbian on “Kath and Kim”


Last night’s episode of Kath and Kim, aptly titled “Gay,” dealt with Kath coming to terms with what she thought was Kim’s lesbianism.

It all starts (as it often does) when the repair lady shows up to fix the television. Kim recognizes her as Penny Peterson, her old BFF from high school, whom everybody knew to be gay. Kath freaks out a little when Kim asks her later over mall food, “What if I was gay?”

“Oh, you could never be gay,” Kath says. “You’re too fashion-forward. And even if you were, Tom Cruise says you can be cured with vitamins and exercise.”

Check out the best gay highlights from the episode:

My heating and air lady looks remarkably like Penny Peterson, only she actually is a lesbian.

When lightning blew up all of my electronics and central air-conditioning this summer, my own personal Penny came to check it out. I asked her if she could prove that it was lightning so my homeowner’s insurance would pay to fix my stuff, and she winked and blasted my transformer (not a euphemism) with 1.21 jiggewatts of electricity or something. There really should be a gay Yellow Pages.

NBC has ordered a full season of Kath and Kim, even though the ratings and reviews are terrible. At least we got a gay-themed episode. There’s nothing like a misunderstanding where “high-def capabilities” is mistaken for “lesbian sex.”

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