Rashida Jones joins the untitled Amy Poehler project


Amy Poehler‘s new series is from the creators of The Office, but it’s not an Office spin-off, OK? The show’s executives are really hammering that home. So, what’s the best way to distinguish the two? Correct: Cast ex-Dunder Mifflin employee Rashida Jones to star on the new show!

Here’s the part that’s the same: The show is a documentary-style sitcom by Greg Daniels.

Here’s the part that’s different: Jones will not play paper saleswoman Karen Filippelli; she will play a nurse named Ann.

You might remember Jones from the puppy/kitten PSAs she did recently with Natalie Portman. Or the doomed series Unhitched. Or, she might be forever etched in your mind as the final stepping stone in the path of my most beloved television couple, Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert.

Jones told Variety: “For my money, there’s no more emotionally intelligent, cerebral comedy writers in TV than Mike and Greg. There’s something about the way they capture the complexity and awkwardness of human dynamics that’s so relatable yet so unique.”

Jones has one episode of The Office lined up for this season, and then she’s off to the as-yet untitled Amy Poehler Show.

I’ve never seen a sitcom create so much buzz for itself, even without a name or an air date or, you know, a plot line.

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