Yvette Monreal talks Reamy and the “Faking It” mid-season finale


One of our favorite additions to Season 2 of Faking It was Yvette Monreal. (OK, she was our VERY FAVORITE.) As the hip lesbian DJ Reagan, Yvette woos Amy (and vice versa), creating a wedge in the Karmy relationship but also providing a sorely needed distraction for Amy in her attempts to get over Karma.

We spoke with Yvette before tonight’s mid-season finale, and found out about her audition for the show and which couple she ships. (You probably won’t be surprised.)


AfterEllen.com: So, presumably, you knew when you went out for Faking It that Reagan is a lesbian. Was it at all an issue for you to take a gay part? Do you feel like that is an issue among young actors in general, or nobody worries about it anymore?

Yvette Monreal: Nope, not at all. It was exciting, actually. To play a part that supports the LGBT community gave me a sense of pride and I was really thrilled to get the part. Being gay is more accepting now than it was 20 years ago and having a show that demonstrates being different is cool gives some people the confidence they need to be themselves. I think everyone handles it differently but I know it wasn’t a problem with me at all. I wanted to do it. and my parents are very supportive in the work I do so when I told them they were so happy for me.

AE: Did you have to do a chemistry test with Rita Volk (Amy)? Did they tell you to cool it down before you exploded the universe with chemistry?

YM: They actually wanted to see all the chemistry we could give so when we did the chemistry test, I was a bit nervous because one of the notes that they gave me was, “You don’t have to kiss, but if it happens organically, we won’t stop you.” So at that point I was like, “Damn, does the kiss seal the deal!?” [laughs] At that point I was nervous because I really wanted the part, but at the same time I didn’t want to force anything. At the end of the day, I just let go and it all happened just the way it was supposed to and they loved it.


AE: How much does Reagan’s personal style influence your own? How much of her clothes do you want to steal?

YM: Reagan and I have a little bit of a different style. I really liked all the rings and bracelets she’s wearing so I’ve bought more rings and bracelets since I’ve started shooting haha and I do have an appreciation for her choice of shoes and leggings! I went out and bought me some little booties like the ones she wears because I just fell in love with them! I really wanted to steal ALL of her shoes She has an awesome taste for foot gear.

AE: Do you think the overall series arc between the love triangle (or quadrangle now) is already decided, or is it evolving in the writers’ room as actors and audiences respond to the story?

YM: I would like to think that it evolves in the writers room and with the responses from the actors and audiences but, at the same time, they may already have an idea with where they want the relationships to go.

AE:Karmy or Reamy?

YM: Reamynavy all the way.

AE: I don’t know what the IRL age difference between you and Rita is, but how do you feel about concerns about the age difference between Amy and Reagan? Is that something that will be addressed?

YM: I believe in Texas, the acceptable age difference between couples is three years. I’m not sure if it will be addressed. I do know everything that happens in the series is well thought out among the writers and they always have a purpose for it. So the age difference is definitely not just a random thing that was thrown in.

AE: Speaking of issues, now that the truth about Amy and Liam is out, presumably Reagan will find out too? Is that going to activate her issues about being a “phase?”

YM: I believe that the truth always comes out but I’m in the same boat as everyone elseanxiously waiting to see what will happen with Reamy.

I think that Reagan’s fear about being a phase and having a past where Her ex left her for a guy will for sure tap into her insecurities if she finds out about Amy sleeping with Liam. Reagan already had a tough time with the fake lesbian situation with Karma. Again, Reagan’s been through a heartbreak before and she’s really giving it her all. The whole confrontation with Amy and Reagan in S2E8 is basically to confirm that if she falls for her, Amy will be right there to catch her. It can go either way. I do have to say Amy is doing a wonderful job showing Reagan that she really does have true feelings for her and that the relationship is really not just a phase.


AE: How familiar were you with the queer issues in Faking It before you signed on? That goes from issues of biphobia to the trope of the lesbian dj (Samantha Ronson and Carmen from The L Word being the prime examples).

YM: I was pretty familiar with it before Faking It. I can say I’ve become much more aware of certain issues because of the show, which I think is great! Fortunately, for the most part, I’ve been surrounded by those who are very accepting of others. At the end of the day, everyone just needs to live their own life and not worry about who’s doing what. Easier said than done, but it’s the truth.

AE: What was your favorite scene to shoot so far?

YM: My favorite scene to shoot was Episode 6, “The Ecstasy and the Agony.” It was fun and the energy on set was so great! The imagination that goes into building the sets with what they have is amazing–totally transformed the space! Also loved Fifth Harmony‘s performance and the girls were so sweet!

AE: Who is the funniest cast member off-camera?

YM: Off camera? I think Michael Willet is so hilarious! The dining room scene, ep 7, he told me a story that had me crying laughing and it was such an intense and serious scene towards the end I didn’t know how to stop laughing in between takes! I wished I hadn’t heard it because the makeup starting running. Oh, it was funny though! I had to think of something sad to make me stop.


AE: Faking It is gearing up for the big second half of its season. What can we expect? More you? Hopefully?

YM: Let’s cross our fingers! I hope there will be more of Reagan but this series is so full of surprises! You never know what they have in store.

Faking It airs tonight at 10:30 pm on MTV.

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