“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.7): A Face Made for a Coin


The opening flashback takes us to five years ago when Jane shared her first kiss with Rafael. She was head over heels. She went home and told Xiomara about how magical it was. Xiomara warns Jane that Rafael is a player. To Jane, it doesn’t matter, and she’s extremely disappointed when Rafael doesn’t call.


Flash forward to present day, and Xiomara catches Jane and Rafael in the magical kiss we left off with in the previous episode. Xiomara warns Jane, again, about Rafael. The fact that he’s a player, still married, she’s having his baby, and his ex is crazy are just a few things that concern Xiomara. Once again, Jane doesn’t care. She tells Xiomara that she has a feeling like she’s meant to be with Rafael. The next day Rafael shows up on Jane’s doorstep, still high off of their make out session. He asks to take Jane on a date. She bursts his bubble by telling him she needs more time, especially since she just broke up with Michael.

Speaking of Michael, he finds out about Rafael and Jane by the huge arrangement of roses waiting for Jane in the locker room with saying he’s going to kiss her again. Michael is quick to tell Jane she’s not the person he thought she was before making a dramatic exit. He’s one to talk. But just like a man, he doesn’t think was he’s done was all that bad. The rest of the episode we see him moping around at work, which eventually leads to him being so upset with Jane that he bangs his work partner. It was awkward, random, and ruined my dinner.

Xiomara is teaching hip hop dance classes to young girls. One of the girls plays matchmaker with her dad and Xiomara. Turns out, the dad is an ex famous soccer player. But we don’t find this out until Xiomara and Rogelio go on a double date together. Remember how in the last episode she told Rogelio that they should stop their fling so that he can focus on building his relationship with Jane. In an effort to make the other jealous, they each say they have a date and it’s Rogelio’s bright idea to have the double date. It blows up in his face when he becomes jealous of Xiomara and her date. At least we can see that Rogelio actually cares about Xiomara, in his own way.


As for Jane, things are kind of weird at her teaching gig. Parents are coming up to her and asking for hugs. The nuns are pawning Jane off as the modern day Virgin Mary. They’re offering coins with Jane’s photo on it as a ploy to get more people to attend their church. It’s working because couples who are looking to have children want Jane’s fertile mojo to rub off on them. But Jane isn’t too pleased about the nuns’ bright idea when she find out about the exploitation when one of the couples show Jane the coin.

That’s not the only thing Jane is having to deal with in her life. Rafael doesn’t give up on making Jane his. He convinces her that they can be together and Michael won’t have to know. He tells Jane that he wants to be with her, to get to know her, and raise their baby together. Jane goes against the warning of Xiomara and instead follows her heart.

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