“The Walking Dead” recap (5.7): Crossed


With a mid-season finale looming next Sunday, last night’s episode of The Walking Dead was surely going to leave us with a few cliffhangers. Refill your water bottles, keep your eyes peeled faster than a Georgia peach, and trust no one—I feel another war coming.

Rick decides to leave the church to go help rescue Beth and Carol from Atlanta. It’s a goodbye scene we’ve seen dozens of times, but little Carl isn’t so little anymore. He can “take” his Dad leaving to go fight walkers and save good people. Judith on the other hand is less impressed. For a baby that doesn’t cry when you think she’d be wailing, she’s most upset over Dad leaving. It’s time to prepare the church for any inevitable attacks. This means dismantling the organ, the cross, the pews—oh wait, the pews are all Sasha. Girl’s still upset from the major loss of her Bob, but no one really has their head on tightly anymore. Fr. Gabriel is eying his broken-down holy sanctuary with grief and disgust. He begins scrubbing at the floor with his fingertips—ugh, dude, please stop that. It’s dried-up blood he’s picking at, just pools of it all over the wooden floor of the church from the last attack—when the Terminus leftovers were finally put to rest. But a little spit and elbow grease will get this right up, right Gabe?

Up the road at another broken-down site, the fire truck and team GREATM, Tara is explaining to the group that the water supply has hit a zero. The delirium from lack of food has made Tara what us lezzies in relationships refer to as “hangry” when the other partner is acting a little cray in the afternoon. I’d say Tara’s exemplifying signs of this by her snark—when she shows Glenn the bottle caps of the water bottles she’s graced with their team name—it shows “solidarity.” (GREATM equals Glenn, Rosita, Eugene, Abraham, Tara and Maggie.) And by the way, I like it.


Do you hear that? It’s the sound of a new Sheriff in town.

5WalkingDead7.2“Sit down, or I’ll put you down.”

Abraham is acting a fool. Whether he and Rosita are more than post-world hookups or have a deeper relationship remains a little bit unclear, but Rosita isn’t going to stand by and watch her ginger let himself go. She tries snapping him out of his rage—he’s clearly reeling over Dr. Porter’s admission, probably going over scene after scene in his mind, and this life that he almost ended just seconds before Dr. Porter gave him a mission and a reason to survive. So, now what?

Rick is giving his group the master plan: How to successfully raid Grady Memorial without there being much noise, and quickly getting their job done. This involves slashing throats, using silencers and handing weapons to Beth and the other patients, who Noah says will be on board. Tyreese isn’t having it. He thinks he has a better plan, one that’ll bring some of those “cops” out of the hospital. Rick stands up and pierces us with baby blues and one of his reassuring lines about how this is the only way to get the job done.


When Rick says something will work: You either believe him, or you foresee that image of future Rick, ugly crying, apologizing, head hanging low, going deeper into the ravines of crazy Rick. And we do not want Crazy Rick coming out. Or do we? Maybe the better question is: Is Fr. Gabriel’s crazy about to come out? The man hasn’t really had the guts to fight yet, though we know he’s capable. Carl tries teaching him the ways to hold a knife and fend for himself, but it’s all too much. Michonne watches on, as if she’s not sure where Gabriel’s mind is at, but it can’t be good.

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