“The Good Wife” recap (6.10): Stop Joking


This week’s episode of The Good Wife opens with Cary, staring down the aisle of an empty courtroom like a dead man walking. For all the Alicia campaign drama, and Kalinda love triangle business, Cary’s fate is the real crux of this season.

Unfortunately for Cary, many things are acting against him. His Neil Diamond-obsessed judge is more concerned about snagging tickets to a concert, than courtroom niceties. After giving everyone a dose of shit, the judge pulls Cary, Diane, and Geneva Pine into his chambers. At first, Geneva offers Cary a plea deal of 10 years, which the judge encourages Cary to take since he’s about to allow the wire to be admissible, which will be quite damning for Cary. The judge pushes Geneva to sweeten the deal, so she offers six years, which after early release for good behavior, is about three years.

While discussing Cary’s options outside of chambers, Alicia gets a call from Jackie. She needs to come down to Grace’s school right away. Did Alicia threaten one of Grace’s teachers with a knife? Impossible, right? Not our Alicia. Well…


Alicia shows up at school to find a very agitated principal, and a slew of angry teachers. Yes, Alicia did write a note threatening disembowelment, but it was totally a joke, you guys! It’s a quote from Darkness at Noon, the popular Breaking Bad/Lost/Walking Dead type show that Alicia watches. Grace wasn’t supposed to actually show the note to anyone, but since Grace is sometimes too earnest for her own good, she showed it to her civics teacher during a lesson on free speech. Damnit, Grace.

While Diane and Geneva are busy fighting about potential jurors, Marissa (the Body Woman) and Alicia meet up with Eli and Johnny at their new campaign headquarters. I’m pretty sure the headquarters are the old Florrick Agos offices. Way to get the most use out of the sets, Good Wifers. Cary’s trial is the talk of the political media town, and Alicia is going to have to address it, sooner or later. As Alicia gets ready to leave, Eli and Johnny get a call from a reporter who heard that Alicia threatened a teacher with a knife. Har har har, they all get a good laugh…until Alicia confirms the story.

In addition to trying to nail Cary’s ass to the wall, Geneva Pine is busy having a hot and heavy affair with Det. Prima, who happens to be testifying for the prosecution. Prima was the late Trey Wagoner’s contact at the force. As Prima talks about Trey, another man walks into the courtroom. His presence is distracting to Geneva, and when he leaves a note saying, “We need to talk,” it’s pretty clear that he’s Geneva’s husband.


Eli is furious with Alicia, and Johnny can’t quite wrap his head around the whole knife threat. Eli demands that Grace get the note back, even suggesting that she should take the blame for it. Alicia won’t allow that and promises to get the note back somehow from the Civics teacher.

While Diane cross-examines Det. Prima, she gets him to admit that he spoke to Trey 48 hours before he was killed in a suspicious car accident. Prima tries to assert that he couldn’t be positive that it was Trey on the phone, even though Finn Polmar said it was. On this call, Trey admitted to turning the wire on and off to make Cary look bad.

Word of the knife incident begins spreading, and even Buzzfeed jumps on it. At least she’s getting the Grizzly Mama treatment. Grace calls to let her mother know that the civics teacher wants to meet with Alicia in person, before handing over the note. Eli and Johnny warn her one more time to “stop joking” because politicians don’t joke, OK? To add insult to injury, Frank Prady is asked in a televised interview about school violence. He says that he would prosecute anyone who would threaten a teacher with a knife. This causes Eli and Johnny to push Alicia about leaking that Prady is a closeted gay. She asks Eli to give her the evening to think it all through.

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