“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (11.8): Stop stealing my orgasms


On this week’s Grey’s, Maggie, Derek and Owen are arguing about what course of treatment to give Holly, a patient whose root canal has turned into a life threatening necrotizing abscess. Derek of course wants to go in first, but Maggie is concerned that the patient’s heart is the number one priority. She calls in Meredith for a consult, and she agrees with Maggie, something Derek is not pleased with. They all meet with Holly to explain what she needs, but Maggie and Derek are still at odds. Owen determines that they should run a CT scan to see what needs to be done first. (Has anyone noticed that Derek’s hair keeps getting bigger and bigger?)

In “things that aren’t totally awkward” news, Stephanie is sent in to do an ultrasound on April. Yup. Steph is interested in fetal surgery now, and has been assigned to do more ultrasounds and whatnot. April agrees but tells Steph not to tell her the sex, because she and Jackson want it to be a surprise. Steph (accidentally?) slips and calls the baby a “he” anyway. “Rookie mistake,” she claims. Jackson comes in and she and April pretend that having your husband’s ex-girlfriend who he unceremoniously dumped in front of the entire hospital is totes normal. When April casually mentions that the baby is sitting the same way as in the last ultrasound, it sets off alarm bells for Stephanie. April cuts the test short, however, since she’s pissed about the sex reveal.


Callie is working with two VETS, Rick and Jordan, who are practicing with the sensors that will go into their new legs. There’s some competition between the men, and Callie playfully encourages it. Owen tries to put the kibosh on it though, not wanting Callie to push the men. “That’s the thing about soldiers: I don’t have to push them. They come wired that way,” she tells Owen.

Dr. Herman leads Arizona and Graham on rounds, as she digs into a pint of breakfast ice cream. (What? It’s a thing.) She doesn’t give a damn anymore about her figure or what people think, and she’s going to enjoy all the Banana Clambake she can before the tumor takes over. She winks at Arizona knowingly. Arizona is stressing that Dr. Herman isn’t in the right condition to be working with patients, but Herman assures her that she’s still in control, at least for the time being. She promises to let Arizona know when that begins to change. She finally lets Arizona in on her personal life, which is to say that she’s divorced with no kids, and married to her job. Arizona can’t stop pushing though about the tumor, and Herman tells her to back off and pulls her off the day’s surgery.

A woman sent by the President, Deborah Corazon, waits in the lobby for the passing Derek. She’s the special assistant to the Prez, and the Prez isn’t pleased that Derek resigned from the White House job. He wants another meeting, and Derek can’t help but smirk happily, at least for a moment. That all goes away when he joins Maggie and Meredith in the CT Scan room.

In Callie and Owen’s lab, it’s time for Jordan to try the leg and go for a little walk. He does well, and Rick teases him the whole time. Jordan tells Callie that he’s got it, and she steps back. Jordan decides to push himself, ends up slipping and smashing his head open. Amelia rushes in to help, and suspects there may be a brain bleed, so she and Owen wheel Jordan out to surgery. Owen manages to blame Callie, naturally, insisting that she stay put. Rick is heartbroken, worrying that he too pushed Jordan too hard.


Jo is in a glaring kind of mood. You can’t blame her. Her boyfriend is being monopolized by his new “person” and is living with a heartbroken lesbian. It’s hard to get one-on-one time now. Stephanie has more pressing issues however, and shows Jo April’s ultrasound scans. Maggie joins Alex and Meredith at their cafeteria table, and Mer assures Maggie that she agreed with her about Holly because she believes Maggie is right. Callie joins the party, by slamming her things down. She tells them that Owen blames her for Jordan’s accident, Arizona blames her for their break up, and life is generally shit. Meredith and Maggie get a page that their CT scans are in, so they head out. Richard stares at Maggie as she leaves, which does not go unnoticed by Bailey. Richard feels that the ball is in Maggie’s court now, but Bailey isn’t quite sure she agrees, between sips of her disgusting kale smoothie. Derek stops by the table to ask Richard for a consult, you know, the one Meredith already gave him.

Amelia scrubs in to get to work on Jordan, who needs extensive surgery to repair his brain bleed. She stops Owen to offer him an explanation of sorts for the whole debacle the week before. She admits she had a problem with Oxy and it was pretty bad, but she’s been clean and sober for two years. Owen was willing to take Derek’s word for it, but Amelia wanted him to hear it right from the source.

Maggie and Meredith are distressed by what they see on Holly’s scans, and want to open up her up right away to get to the infection. Richard pops in, and agrees that the infection looks bad, but thinks they should wait for Derek. Maggie and Mer are not happy that a second opinion was requested for their second opinion.

Arizona, who can’t stop obsessing about Dr. Herman’s tumor, places a call to Dr. Herman’s doctors under the guise that she is Amelia’s fellow. She asks the other hospital to send all of Herman’s records over. Uh oh, Arizona, you are on thin ice here. In Arizona’s defense, she’s terrified to make the call.


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