“Marry Me” recap (1.5): Thank Me


Hey folks! Sorry for the delay of the Marry Me recap. I had a sick kid on my hands. Now that the little guy is feeling better (thank you, antibiotics!), I am free to share the hilariousness of this week’s Thanksgiving-themed episode.


Annie decides that now that she and Jake are “engagely-weds” (Give it a chance. It’ll catch on) they should host their first Thanksgiving together. She never had a traditional Thanksgiving growing up because her dads always took her to Ibiza and she really, really, really wants to host a classic, Norman Rockwell-style Thanksgiving. Jake is reluctant because his mother, Myrna, always hosts Thanksgiving, and she does it flawlessly.

As Jake talks about his mother’s delicious food in a baby voice, Kay informs him, “That’s not a good look.”

not a good look

Jake can’t say no to Annie, so he gives in but when it’s time to break the news to his mom over dinner, Jake chickens out and runs to the bathroom while Annie suggests the change of venue.

Although Myrna is obviously shocked and disappointed, she recovers quickly and agrees as long as she can contribute to the dinner. As a matter of fact, she would love to buy the couple a table! Their empty dining room makes her sad. This is when I paused to think: How does Annie expect to host a dinner, let alone a classic, Norman Rockwell dinner when she doesn’t even have a table! But then I remember that I shouldn’t overanalyze it because it’s a lighthearted comedy and let it go.

As Annie and Jake leave Myrna’s house, Jake is stoked that the conversation went so well, but Annie drops some knowledge on him. Offering to buy them a table is Myrna’s way of one-upping Annie. Annie explains that now that she and Jake are engaged, she and his mother are locked into a lifelong chess match to determine who is the most important woman in his life.

“The war between wife and mother-in-law is a tale as old as Everybody Loves Raymond,” Annie informs him.


She convinces Jake that the table is about more than the holiday. It’s permanent and full of judgment. Jake doesn’t seem convinced, but he agrees to tell his mother that they don’t want her to buy them a table.

Annie may have won that battle, but the war wages on. The next day, Jake comes home after breaking the news to his mother and reports that Myrna was fine with Annie and Jake buying their own table. There’s no animosity at all. In fact, she is sure that this will be “the best Thanksgiving ever.” Jake is clueless, but Annie knows that Myrna just upped the ante. Now the pressure is on to literally deliver the best Thanksgiving ever or they will all die! Metaphorically, of course. Luckily, Annie has found the perfect hand carved Mahogany table. The only thing left to do is find some next level recipes that Myrna would never attempt. Jake tries to calm Annie down but Annie is in survivor mode. As Cypress Hill’s “I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like that” plays in the background, Annie instructs Jake to take her sweaters out of the oven while she works on a shopping list. Annie proceeds to mean mug and dance in front of the computer while Jake looks on, obviously frightened.

Later, Annie is furiously cooking while venting to Kay and Dennah about her war with Myrna and Jake’s lack of understanding.

“I mean, Jake thinks I’m overreacting but…”Annie starts.

“Annie, she said ‘Best Thanksgiving ever,’” Dennah says in support.

Kay chimes in. “ Yeah. There’s no other way to interpret that than ‘Die, bitch!’”


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