Morning Brew – “Pitch Perfect 2” trailer is perfect


Good morning! Since Staff Editor Dana Piccoli is covering the red carpet of the Out 100 tonight, today’s #TBT is at the same event in 2005. Check out Kim Stolz, who was an out lesbian on America’s Next Top Model.

The Out 100 Party

Yara Martinez has been cast on Season 2 of True Detective, which hopefully won’t keep her too busy that we’ll see less of her on future seasons of Jane the Virgin.

A high school senior in Burton, Michigan talked about being a musician and a lesbian in her hometown paper. Arika McClain told Burton View:

“I am a lesbian, and that may not be accepted, but through music I have learned to accept myself.”

A lesbian couple in Canton, North Carolina were upset when they found out how Google Maps Street View listed their home. Someone wrote on their street “Fagits live here.” Clearly a very intelligent person.

Arrow star Amy Gumenick talked about finding Sara’s killer with TVLine— was it her character, Cupid?

“That question definitely is raised…. In the comic books, Black Canary is a big rival of Cupid’s; she sort of is the biggest obstacle in the way of her getting Arrow. So if I were investigating Sara’s death, I would definitely question her.”

Carmilla star Natasha Negovanlis is in this video “How To Tell If Your Roommate is a Vampire.”

Director Mike Nichols has passed away. He was a huge ally and director Silkwood, a film based on a true story in which Cher played a lesbian.


The first look at Pitch Perfect 2 is finally here!

The stars are also in EW this month, and I know Bechloe fans will enjoy some of the photos. (Let’s hope lesbian character Cynthia Rose gets some action, too!)



Brittney Griner, Laverne Cox and Lena Waithe all made the Ebony Power 100 this year. Congrats! Lena shared this photo of herself looking dapper before she hit last night’s red carpet.


Bustle answers the question, “Am I a Lesbian or Is It Just a Phase?” I can’t believe they even bring up conversion therapy. They discredit it but still.

Have a great Thursday!

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