“Arrow” recap (3.7): You Give Love A Bad Name


Previously on Arrow, Roy remembered that he murdered a cop because of the Mirakuru, Felicity and Oliver took a stab at dating but Oliver gave up because it was hard, causing Felicity to join Queen Consolidated. Also we met Cupid, a beautiful redhead with archery skills to boot.

We open in a flashback, six months ago in the middle of the battle with 300 Mirakuru soldiers. On the way to the bridge, Oliver makes Diggle stop the van and gets out to save a handful of people from a soldier. One of the women he saved picks up his arrow after he leaves and stares at it like a One Direction fan staring at a lock of Harry’s hair.

Arrow 307-1Fangirl in the making.

Present-day Oliver meets Detective Lance at a crime scene, where Isaac, the baddie from last week, is dressed in a green hood and dead as a doornail. Lance points out that this is obviously a direct message for the Arrow; someone is trying to get his attention. Oliver says, “He’s got it” because he’s still a little sexist despite the fact that he has worked along some extremely badass chicks. The only evidence left on the scene is an arrow with a red tip that Lance says looks like a spade because sometimes even the good guys don’t get things right the first time.

Felicity goes into Ray McSkeevy’s office and finds him doing that impossible-looking bar-jump exercise and is stopped dead in her tracks. After he stops distracting her with his muscles (which even I have to admit are pretty impressive) he invites her to a work dinner, promising it would be platonic and giving her a couture dress he bought just for her. She tells him she’ll go, but only because she looks great in blue.

Arrow 307-2Such an odd little bird, our Felicity. Beautiful, but odd.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Oliver is inspecting the red arrow and giving Diggle the low-down on the bodies found wearing his hood. Oliver wants Felicity to find out what she can, but Felicity is busy being Ray’s right-hand man as he announces that he’s re-naming Queen Consolidated to Palmer Technologies. Annoyed, Oliver smashes the red arrow tip with a hammer and finds a teeny note inside, not unlike the note Hanna found in her molar that one time. Maybe Cupid is A. On the note is an address, and off Arrow and Diggle go.

When they get to the apartment, they find it lined with candles and flower petals and hearts and news clipping about the Arrow. They realize they’ve got a fangirl on their hand, and finally realize the spade is actually a heart. A phone in the room rings and Oliver picks it up, and is greeted by the voice of the fangirl herself. She tells him that she wants to take care of him, to kill for him, and has a new prospect lined up already. Oliver tells her he’ll find her, and she’s excited by the very thought of it.

Arrow 307-3“It’s like hide and seek! But creepier!”

Oliver walks into Arrow HQ to find Roy researching the cop he killed. Oliver tries to make him feel better about it, saying it wasn’t him, but Roy remains unconvinced. He runs off to help Thea with her club opening and Felicity comes in with info on the man Oliver’s “not so secret but very crazy admirer” has captive. Unfortunately, that’s all she knows. Oliver tells her he needs her focused on this task, but she tells him she needs the night off for her work dinner. He huffs about it but knows he has no right to interfere since he blew his chance with her. He tells her it’s “fine,” the way people do when it’s not fine at all.

At Verdant, Thea is auditioning DJs for her grand re-opening when some jerk tries to cancel the auditions because he’s the one Thea’s looking for. Thea tells the cocky asshole to shove it because she’s in charge here and she will not be bossed around.

Arrow 307-4I kind of wish she had just laid him out then and there.

At the Arrow Cave, Felicity found the owner of the phone left for Oliver. Her name is Carrie Cutter, and she was the first woman on a SWAT team in Starling City. Oliver thinks she looks familiar and Felicity points out, correctly, that she’s attractive for a psychopath. Felicity all found photos of Carrie at random crime scenes the Arrow has been to, and tells Oliver that Cupid’s hobbies include stalking and gardening. With this in mind, Oliver and Roy head off to a greenhouse near Carrie Cutter’s apartment in hopes of saving her hostage.

When they get to the greenhouse, Oliver and Roy split up, and as soon as they do, Carrie grabs Roy and uses his intercom to talk to Oliver, calling him “lover” and telling him they’re meant to be together. He finds her in a room with an unconscious Roy on the floor and the hostage strapped to a bomb and hung from a rope. She tells Oliver all she wants is him, and when he says that will never happen, Carrie kicks the chair out from under the bomb-strapped man and runs for the hills. Oliver rips the bomb off the man and throws it up into the air, shooting an arrow to detonate it, and luckily the blast doesn’t take down the whole greenhouse.

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