“Bones” becomes the ex-files


As we told you Tuesday, Fox aired a Very Special Lesbian Episode of Bones last night. Having watched it in all of its beetle-flesh-eating glory, I’ve got just one question: How gay is Angela’s (Michaela Conlin) ex-girlfriend, Roxie (Nichole Hiltz)?

Exhibit A)

Wait, let me give you some background on that scene: Roxie and Angela haven’t seen each other since college, where they spent a year in a “very intense relationship.” When Roxie’s boss gets crunched up inside one of his sculptures (and by “sculptures” I mean “junkyard cars”), the Bones team questions Roxie as a suspect. Angela goes by to visit her ex, and discovers the painting of herself, which brings us to…

Exhibit B) Angela wants to know how long it’s been since Roxie had an art show. Roxie says: “Not since we were together. Is it needy to say you’re my muse, or the entire source of my creative inspiration?”

Exhibit C) When Agent Booth questions Roxie about whether or not she and her former (dead) boss were lovers, she says, “I’m gay, I’m a lesbian, I’ve never been with a man in my life and I never will!”

Verdict: Angela may be bisexual, but Roxie is just super gay.

The story was actually handled pretty well, with nothing titillating even by network standards.

Angela sort of seeks out everyone’s advice about getting back together with Roxie, and asks each one if it’s weird to them that she was once in a relationship with another woman. Dr. Bones says being a lesbian is not an affliction, and that women often view sexuality in a less rigid way with men. Booth says that he had a lesbian aunt, which was cool because her girlfriend had box seats to the Phillies. Only one guy made an inane threesome comment.

Roxie and Angela share a chaste kiss at the end of the episode, and while my network TV cynicism (thanks for reaffirming it, ABC!) originally led me to conclude that we wouldn’t see more any more girls kissing until the next sweeps, AE reader runchaorun tipped us off to an interview that said the “love triangle” has energized the set. Roxie will be back.

Bones already has a one-up on other crime-solving shows: This time the killer wasn’t a lesbian, and this time she was innocent because she doesn’t like kissing boys.

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