The winners of the 2008 election


The American election that would not end has finally come to a close. This is our final piece of election coverage here at, and it’s about the other winners — the women who scored a resounding victory during the buildup to yesterday’s historic election.

6) Amy Poehler
Those of us who lived through it will always remember Poehler’s Hillary Clinton on sexism: “An issue I’m frankly shocked to hear people suddenly care about.” We’ll think back fondly on her turn as the rapid-blinking Katie Couric. But what our collective consciousness will forever be seared by is the sight of third trimester Poehler rapping between Eskimos and then busting a cap in a “mother-humping” moose. That is the moment she slipped out of Tina Fey‘s shadow forever.

5) Katie Couric
She didn’t have it easy when she left the Today Show for the CBS Evening News. In fact, lots of people forgot about her altogether — until a woman news anchor was needed to bat down the “sexism” cry and ask Sarah Palin some tough questions. It was excruciatingly necessary, like a root canal. In the end, Couric’s interview was one of the top ten Google searches of the entire election.

4) Oprah Winfrey
There’s a rule in the publishing world: If Oprah touches it, it turns to gold. That’s apparently also true in presidential elections. Oprah was out front and vocal with her endorsement of Obama, and she was right there with the People last night, crying with us. Oprah’s batting average is perfect. She’s never missed a pitch. This election just solidified her reputation.

3) Rachel Maddow
The real losers of this election were the shouting heads like Keith Olberman and Bill O’Reilley. From out of that muck came the calm, intelligent, almost Churchillian voice of Rachel Maddow. Everyone from the New York Times to the Washington Post fell in love with her. She represents a new era of punditry, one that will be around for many elections to come.

2) Tina Fey
“I can see Russia from my house!” will always be the catch phrase heard ’round the world. For years and years Republicans will be cursing the fact that Sarah Palin showed up on the national scene looking just like Tina Fey. Fey’s portrayal of the vice-presidential candidate is iconic, and the election just ended yesterday. Her popularity as Palin even boosted 30 Rock‘s season 3 premiere to it highest ever ratings. Tina Fey is a household name now. Even my grandma quotes her.


1) You

Yes, you! No matter your fiscal leanings, your social leanings, your previous experience with politics. No matter your age or even your nationality, you made your voice heard during this American election. Even here, on this lesbian entertainment site, you spoke up about your beliefs, your convictions, your hopes and your dreams. You became a part of an international dialogue, and I’ve got to believe that your voice will continue to change things. It’s a mixed bag of emotions on this post-election day, but you’re going to keep fighting for equality. This year’s number one election winner is you.

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