New gymnastics series – like “Stick It” but for your weekly viewing pleasure


I have an analogy, but you have to stick with me to make it work.

I put a lot of effort into maintaining the suspension of disbelief in my life. Like, I’m pretty sure if I find the correct wardrobe or train platform, I could get to Narnia or Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And as long as I don’t think about it too hard, I can actually believe that TV show characters are real people. This week, my favorite gay show mentioned a character from my second-favorite gay show, and it almost blew the entire illusion.

On Gossip Girl, Serena said that she’s seen Flashdance a million times. If I’m going to convince myself that Bette Porter is a real person, I have to pretend Flashdance doesn’t exist, because a welder, really? No freaking way. Not my Bette.

Now ABC Family is trying to ruin another magical thing in my life: the Olympics.

This week, the network announced they are picking up a show called Perfect 10. It will follow a group of teenage Olympic hopefuls around as they train to be world-class gymnasts. It is an hourlong drama that will focus on the personal lives and actual training that go into getting a girl ready for the intense international stage of competitive gymnastics.

I am an Olympic-aholic, and am especially enamored with the gymnasts. The leaping and twisting and turning and tumbling and catching and flying, it’s unreal what those women can do. It’s like magic!

Some of you are addicted to gymnastics, too. I’ve seen your thread about Alicia Sacramone. Is it her crazy athleticism that gets you? Or the way she’s the soul of the U.S. Olympic team? Would you be interested in watching the day-to-day of what it took to make her one of the world’s best, or would that tarnish the magic a little bit for you?

Maybe the reason I am scared of Perfect 10 is that it will shame me into doing my yoga DVDs and ab workouts. I mean, the Olympics only comes around every four years. I can deal with that kind of guilt. But relentless weekly reminders of working out? I don’t know if I can handle it.

Perfect 10 starts production this fall in Los Angeles. The executive producers are from the company SuperDelicious. There’s a joke in there about Alicia Sacramone, but I can’t make it. I’m 10 years older than her. I have to make my SuperDelicious jokes about women’s beach volleyball players.

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