Grey’s Anatomy Recap: 5.4 “Brave New World”


Casa del Grey — Izzie is scrounging for pizza
money. Alex owes her a few bucks, but he’s ignoring her knocks on his
door, so she goes to Meredith’s room instead. McDreamy opens the door,
wearing nothing but five o’clock shadow and a pillow, which he holds in
front of him, pressed to his man parts.

Later, Meredith will be wondering why her hair smells like Tinactin.

After Izzie explains her predicament to Derek, he tells her to hide
in the bathroom. Derek barks for Alex to come out of his lair and give
him a twenty. Alex complies and stomps back into his room to continue
his never-ending sulk. Derek hands the double sawbuck over to a
grateful and impressed Izzie.

Problem solved. Izzie can pay the delivery boy, thus avoiding having
to do anything porn-y in exchange for her extra cheese with anchovy,
and Derek earned some good housemate points.

Moving day — Meanwhile, Erica and Meredith are
helping their girlfriends, Callie and Cristina, move into the fantastic
apartment they stole out from under Izzie, the Loneliest Girl on Earth.

Yang tries to drop a box of her clothes the second she comes in the
front door but Callie warns her, "The living room will not be a dumping
ground like the old place was."

Shirts go in the closet, socks go in the drawer. The space between
the couch cushions is for Callie and Erica’s bras, but that’s another

Cristina plans to ignore her, but Erica brushes past and snaps, "Did
you not hear her?" with protective butchiness. Well, that’s new. And

Yang throws Erica a look of distain and drops her box on the floor
anyway. Meredith eyes Hahn and says she’s scary, while an unsuspecting
Cristina mumbles that Callie needs a new "best friend." Cristina is in
for a surprise the morning she finds Erica in her bathroom, humming
"Come to My Window."

Bold moves — While Meredith helps Cristina unpack
her ivy league diplomas and voodoo dolls in the other room, Erica eyes
Callie appreciatively and fantasizes about unpacking the junk in her

She screws her courage to the sticking place and pops the question.

Erica: Do you want to go on a date with me?
Callie: Like a "date" date?
Erica: Yeah, you know: Restaurant, candle light, bottle of wine. At the end of the night, I try to take your clothes off.
Callie: Ooh. That, it would be a date.

Or, sticks her courage to the screwing place. Whichever.

Callie nods and offers Erica a nervous smile. As Erica takes that
for a "yes" and turns away to mentally high-five herself, a look of
uncertainty alights on Callie’s face. Let the anxiety attack begin.

Don’t worry. It’s just one date. What could possibly happen? Knowing this show, nothing.

Snooping — Much later, Meredith comes home to find
Derek naked, in bed. What has he been doing all day, besides hanging
around their room, bare-assed? Hopefully, he did a load of laundry and
washed those pillowcases.

On the nightstand, Meredith spies what she thinks is Derek’s
journal, and instantly warms to the impossible idea that a grown man
writes down his thoughts and feelings in a diary. Neurotics build
castles in the sky. Psychotics live in them. And Meredith re-arranges
the furniture.

Derek clarifies that the diary belonged to the Old Grey Lady,
Meredith’s deceased mother. He found it but claims he didn’t read it,
and leans in to make out with her. Meredith bristles while his puckered
lips hang in the air. What was Derek doing in the study? Why was he
going through her mother’s things? Why do the sheets now resemble a pup

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