Tamara Feldman becomes part of the “Gossip”


Tamara Feldman, the actress behind the bang-stealing, drama-causing rich girl on Dirty Sexy Money, will be rubbing elbows with Manhattan’s elite during the upcoming season of Gossip Girl. Sources indicate that our favorite van der Woodsen is getting a new pal.

“She’s a friend,” Feldman told OKof her new character. “They start hanging out together.”

Thankfully for Serena, Feldman’s character Poppy (not to be confused with Papi) is meant to be a positive influence, unlike some ex-Buffy stars we know.

“I actually try to get Serena to stand up for herself a little bit more,” Feldman said.

A confident Serena sounds like a very good thing, particularly after the mess she became while Georgina was in town. I wonder if Blair will take a liking to Poppy or if she’ll feel threatened by another hottie moving in on her turf? Ah, teen drama, how I love you.

Look for Feldman to make her debut during the show’s fifth episode, and be sure to catch the season premiere of Gossip Girl on Sept. 1.

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