Courteney Cox tries on some “Scrubs”


Last year when the Internet’s collective heart went atwitter over the news that Monica Geller and Rachel Green were meant to share a kiss on Monica’s new show Dirt, I could not wrap my mind around the hoopla. I mean, it’s not like Monica and Rachel never kissed before. They kissed for a solid minute that one time to get their apartment back from Joey and Chandle. Rachel also kissed Phoebe, and she kissed her coconut-knockin’ friend from college named Meli — dammit, I’m doing it again.

Friends has been off the air for four years, and I still can’t separate the characters from the actors who played them. That’s the problem with inviting someone into your living room every Thursday night for ten years: You expect things will stay a certain way. (It’s why sex-with-the-ex is so popular.)

I have rooted for the cast of Friends in each of their post-sitcom projects, but none of them have resonated. Courteney Cox‘s roles, especially, have been such a departure from her comedic roots that they just have not interested me — until now. Entertainment Weekly reported last week that when Scrubs returns next fall, Cox will play Sacred Heart’s new Chief of Medicine. She has signed on for three episodes so far, and it is a brilliant move as far as I’m concerned.

Dirt didn’t showcase Cox’s best qualities as an actress. Scrubs should open up new doors for her, or at least reopen doors she closed on herself. She will join a seasoned, talented cast — a place she should feel right at home. A Scrubs insider told Entertainment Weekly that Cox’s character would “ruffle feathers” when she shows up at Sacred Heart.

She’s going to bring the funny, and she’s going to boss people around: I love those qualities in a woman.

Will you tune in when Courteney Cox and Scrubs make the leap to ABC this fall?

(If you want to relive some of Friends‘ best lesbian moments, check out Sarah Warn’s story from our archives: Lesbian “Friends”: Legacy of a Sitcom.)

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