Tricia Helfer goes from Cylon to shrink


If we can find the least bit of good news with the end in sight for Battlestar Galactica, it comes from the prospect of seeing the lovely ladies of BSG in other roles.

As Dorothy Snarker recently told us, Katee Sackhoff, AKA Starbuck, is set to tuck in with Sean on Nip/Tuck. Now comes word that Tricia Helfer, AKA Six, will co-star in a new Fox pilot, Inseparable.

Inseparable, written and produced by ex-Hardy Boy Shaun Cassidy, stars Lloyd Owen as a semi-paralyzed forensic psychiatrist who, in a Jekyll/Hyde twist, has an alter ego who’s a master criminal. Cassidy also created Invasion, the 2005 ABC series about weirdness in the wake of a Florida hurricane. I quite liked the show and was bummed that it ended before we found out what was really going on. I hope Inseparable proves equally intriguing.

Helfer will play Mason Wicks (great name), a police department psychiatrist who evaluates suspects. How she’ll interact with Owen’s character isn’t clear at this point, but maybe she’ll wear this outfit.

Although Inseparable is a mid-season series for FOX, we don’t have to wait that long to get a Helfer fix. When the second season of Burn Notice starts on July 10, Helfer joins the cast for a recurring role as Carla, Michael’s only contact with the group that “burned” him.

According to Burn Notice creator Matt Nix, Carla has a bit of the Number Six charm. “Tricia can deliver threats with a smile like no one else,” he told TV Guide, “and that’s what the character is all about. We were really excited to get her because she’s just perfect for it. We were all over her.” If only!

Burn Notice seems to be collecting Cylons, as Lucy Lawless was a guest last season. And, of course, Sharon Gless and Gabrielle Anwar are regular cast members. I’d say the producers certainly have good taste in women – and we certainly have plenty of reasons to watch.

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