A Quickie With Dee Adames


Let’s face it: Lesbians can be a little crazy about their
hair. Often misunderstood, occasionally mocked, and as varied as our community,
that thing we call "lesbian hair" is a nuanced category all its own. The
names are as cool as we are: the buzz, the crop, the fade, the shag, the
ubiquitous faux-hawk, and the Big Grandmama of them all, the mullet.

Hairstylist and this season’s Shear Genius lesbian contestant, Dee Adames, knows all about it. Dee has wanted to be on Bravo’s reality competition show since
it first aired over a year ago. This year, Dee
got her wish and will compete against other mane mavens for $100,000 in prize money
and rights to the heady title of "Shear Genius." The show premieres
tonight, June 25, at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Season 2 Shear Genius contestants with host Jaclyn Smith

In addition to competing in the show’s follicle-shaping
challenges, the stylists must wield client service and staff management skills
as easily as they wield scissors and a flat iron. As Art Director at Peter of
London Salon and Spa in Miami, scissor sister Dee
brought all her talents to bear, and while she wasn’t allowed to divulge the
outcome of this season, she hinted that she "did well" and "represented
Miami and our

Dee spoke to AfterEllen.com
about staying true to herself on the show, what a $500 haircut will get you,
and how she refuses to cut any more faux-hawks.

AfterEllen.com: Did
you have fun being on the show?
Dee Adames: I had a great time. I
learned a lot about myself and a lot about how I interact with other people. I’m
very competitive, but I’m also very focused and very driven.

Dee Adames

AE: I’ve talked to
people who have been on reality shows and some of them regret doing it. I’ve
heard "never again" more than once. You have no regrets?

DA: I have no regrets in anything
that I do. I’d do it again! Why not? Great exposure, great life-learning
lessons. It puts you out of your comfort zone, and pushes you to be the best. Why
wouldn’t you want that in life every now and then, you know?

This is something I’ve always wanted to do. I said to
myself, "I need to be on that show." And when I got on the show, I
was true to myself, as always. I didn’t alter who I was. I am who I am … I hope
the viewers get to see that and there are no alterations [because] of reality
TV editing. [laughs]

AE: [laughs] Yeah, well,
good luck with that.

DA: I just hope that they got my
good side.

AE: How awesome is host
Jaclyn Smith’s hair up close and personal?

DA: Well, she’s a hair icon just for
being on Charlie’s Angels and wearing
that sexy, feathered look. She’s a beautiful woman, an amazing woman. She’s very
warm, very sweet, and her hair looked great, always. My hat goes off to her

Jaclyn Smith

AE: If you were going
to change her hair, how would you do it?

DA: I wouldn’t change her hair, to
be totally honest. She’s known for that style. I respect the stylist who does
her hair ’cause I see that he’s an artist and sometimes you don’t have to change
something that’s perfect.

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